Most Attractive Airlines Stewardess In The World

Enjoying traveling by air is more about touching down at our destinations in record time than the actual flying experience. You rarely hear of "having a good time" on a plane with leg cramps and below-par meals. But, air travel gets better with the attractive airline stewardesses.

You might book flights for safety and low prices but, some people book flights with specific airlines for the attractive hostesses. We cannot blame them, even less so now. After staying at home for so long, it is time to feed their eyes with beautiful things - and people.

The world is gradually opening up to cross-country travels, and it is about time to start flying again. If you want to patronize airlines with the most attractive hostesses in the world, we have got you covered! Here are the top 10 airlines with cream of the crop flight attendants in no particular order.

Air Asia

Most Attractive Airlines Stewardess In The World

Air Asia's hostesses are as spicy as their meals. In their eye-catching red uniforms, they are hard to miss. They have some of the most attractive hostesses for low-cost flights in the world.


Most Attractive Airlines Stewardess In The World

Emirates is one of the most luxurious airlines in the world. It lives up to its standards even with its air hostesses. They are elegant and of different nationalities.

Wherever they are from, they look polished, professional, and stylish in their unique uniform. The signature red lipstick against often fair skin is one to look forward to. Oh, and the white scarf, very impressive.

Virgin Atlantic

Most Attractive Airlines Stewardess In The World

You can't miss Virgin Atlantic's hostesses with the fitted red suits, silk neckties, and high-heeled shoes. They are the true definition of prim and proper yet, very attractive.

It used to be mandatory to wear makeup and skirts, but in 2019, that changed. They can now decide to either wear makeup or not during flights. They can switch out their skirts for trousers.

These changes are welcome as long as they do not look any less attractive in them.

Air Serbia

Most Attractive Airlines Stewardess In The World

Many things have changed about Air Serbia. It went from Jat Airways to Air Serbia. But, its flight crew has remained as attractive as ever, and we are glad that has not changed.

Their crisp navy blue suit, matching headpiece, and statement foulard give a hint of a retro look. Their red lipstick completes the look. They exude a dignified aura that makes every flight worth looking forward to.

Cathay Pacific

Most Attractive Airlines Stewardess In The World

For its excellent service, this Hong Kong-based airline is considered one of the best airlines in Asia. It hires attractive girls to walk its aisles, and they are as spicy as they get.

China Eastern

Most Attractive Airlines Stewardess In The World

China Eastern's latest uniform consists of a navy blue shirt dress and hat, the signature red belt, and a multicolored necktie. Christian Lacroix designed it.

You would definitely look twice if any of its hostesses pass by you with luggage. "Simple, professional, and dignified yet effortlessly beautiful" describes the female cabin crew of this airline.

The airline expects its hostesses to be professional throughout a flight. In 2018, one of its flight attendants was reportedly fired for accepting a proposal mid-flight.

Thai Airways

Most Attractive Airlines Stewardess In The World

Its hostesses are not just attractive. They are modest and caring. They make passengers feel very comfortable with their top-notch service. They pay attention to the minutest detail, making your flight less stressful.

Their purple and pink uniform tells a lot about their heritage, and they wear it proudly. For their exceptional quality of service, they have received many awards.

Singapore Airlines

Most Attractive Airlines Stewardess In The World

Singapore Airlines is one of the airlines that imbibes its culture in its hostesses' uniforms. They wear the Sarong Kebaya, a traditional blouse in elegant batik print. The uniform was designed by Pierre Balmain in 1972 and has withstood the test of time.

Remember the fact that an airline's hostesses are attractive will never make up for bad service. The Singapore girls deliver on both.

They do not lack anything in hospitality and customer care. No wonder, for 17 consecutive years, they won 'World's Best Cabin Crew Service' by Business Traveler Asia-Pacific Awards. They continue to get awards from the travel and tourism industry for their exceptional service.

Etihad Airways

Most Attractive Airlines Stewardess In The World

Professionalism at its peak is what Etihad Airlines' hostesses offer. Their chocolate brown and purple uniform, opera gloves, and cute berets make them attractive.

It represents the glamour and sophistication that came with flying during the Golden Age. The uniform was created by Italian designer Ettore Bilotta.

Looking alluring and rich in their uniforms, there is no way they would not have made it to this list of most attractive air hostesses in the world. Their ever-smiling faces make awful flights bearable.

VietJet Airlines

Most Attractive Airlines Stewardess In The World

If you would like to have hostesses in bikinis serve you on a flight, try VietJet Airways. It is popularly known as "the bikini airline." Its bikini uniform was a publicity stunt pulled by the CEO, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, to get the airline needed traffic at first.

Most Attractive Airlines Stewardess In The World

Eventually, the uniform changed to a striking red and plaid uniform, but hostesses can still wear this engaging outfit. In either uniform, the hostesses look as good as models and deliver commendable service.

The bikini-clad flight attendants have made the budget Vietnamese airline very popular.