Mormon Mother Of 6 Offers Radical Advice On How To Cut Down On Abortions In America

mormon mother of 6 offers radical advice on how to cut down on abortions in america

These days, there are always surprises to be had when you log in to Twitter. There always seems to be someone trying to shove their outrageous views down people's throats.

Granted, being on this social media platform can be a bit exhausting these days, but not all the time. There are days when you stumble truly remarkable ideas that can change your life.

A topic like abortion never grows stale, and it's always interesting to hear new perspectives on the matter.


For decades, people have been divided when it comes to abortion, and there is no hope that the controversy will end any time soon.

In fact, since Trump got into White House, the abortion debate has been more heated than ever.

The president and his administration had plans to defund Planned Parenthood, and with that, the debate on women's freedoms and healthcare rights got renewed interest.


Fortunately, today, anyone can get on social media and make their opinions known to the rest of the world in an instant.

However, a Mormom mom, Gabrielle Blair, has presented an interesting argument on abortion. She is a mother of six, and she thinks there is a simple way to lower the number of abortions in the U.S.

This mom is not afraid to tell the truth as it is, and the internet is genuinely proud of this fact.


Gabrielle Blair Is Also A Blogger And Bestselling Author


Blair is not afraid to argue it out with anyone who thinks she has no idea what she is talking about. In particular, she is ready to take on anyone who believes women are solely responsible for abortions.

According To Blair, Men Are 100% To Blame For Unwanted Pregnancies


Obviously, a lot of men would disagree with the lady on this.

However, if you see her viewpoint, you can understand that she has an excellent point to make.

She Explained Herself


If that doesn't blow your hair back, then I don't know what will.

What About Birth Control?

Surely, lots of people might be wondering what the woman has to say about birth control. Fortunately, Blair does not shy away from this question either.


It's common knowledge: birth control has serious side effects.

Another problem is that birth control is not easily accessible unless you have health insurance. Frankly, this problem is made worse by the fact that there are a lot of people devoted to making sure Planned Parenthood does not succeed.

Unfortunately, Planned Parenthood is the only hope the uninsured have.

Contraceptives Focus On Women, Not Men


When a study on male birth control was done, the project didn't get anywhere due to the terrible side effects. The surprising bit is that these side effects were not as bad as those women face when using various forms of birth control.

So, doesn't that mean condoms make the most sense for a woman who lacks access to birth control? Think again.

Most Men Hate Condoms


Therefore, Blair poses the question:

"So why in the world are there ever unwanted pregnancies? Why don't men just use condoms every time they have sex? Seems so simple, right?"

Her answer to this is simple and yet riveting:

"So… there are men willing to risk getting a woman pregnant — which means literally risking her life, her health, her social status, her relationships, and her career so that they can experience a few minutes of slightly more pleasure? Is that for real? Yes. Yes, it is."


Find that depressing? It's understandable, most people would.

It's All Quite Disturbing


Blair goes on to offer more evidence that men are the reason we have unwanted pregnancies. She claims that a man can't get a woman pregnant without having an orgasm.

She Didn't Stop There


According to Blair, a woman can have orgasms on her own, but when a man ejaculates irresponsibly, she ends up getting an unwanted pregnancy, and ultimately, an abortion:

"Women enjoying sex does not equal unwanted pregnancy and abortion. Men enjoying sex and having irresponsible ejaculations is what causes unwanted pregnancies and abortion."

Where Does The Responsibility Lie?


Her point here is that there are no consequences for men as far as unwanted pregnancies go. He can simply walk away from it and move on with his life.

A Woman Has No Option


An unwanted pregnancy is a very different thing for the woman involved.

It's All On Her


That is truly depressing, considering that this happens all the time.

Men Should Be Held Responsible


Therefore, men should be held to account for the unwanted pregnancies they cause. Unfortunately, that will not be easy since nobody seems to want to do that.

How Can Men Be Held Responsible?


Imagine a world where protests at clinics stopped. That would mean men wouldn't get to choose what happened to a woman's body.

She Asks Difficult Questions People Don't Want To Talk About


Blair suggests a drastic and radical solution to the problem of unwanted pregnancies. Without a doubt, few will agree with her.

She Makes Some Important Points


It's a well-known fact that unwanted pregnancies can often have fatal consequences. The question is: how can this be addressed?

This Is What Blair Suggests


Keep reading, she even has a plan for these men to have kids even after undergoing castration.

She Has Thought Of Everything


Undoubtedly, a lot of people are not about to get comfortable with physically punishing men, which is why she offers an alternative.

What About Vasectomy?

After all, it's not as invasive as many other birth control methods.


And the best part: it's reversible.

Can We Make This Possible?


Blair understands there will be those opposed to these ideas, but that won't stop her from making her point. Her suggestion is that the issue of abortions should not focus entirely on women.

She Compares Abortions To Cure And Disease


Her belief is that the only way to lower the number of abortions in the U.S. is to focus on the primary cause of unwanted pregnancies: men.

Her plea is that men think about this really seriously.

The Cost Of Preventing Irresponsible Pregnancies


This is a serious question, and although she is the one asking it, it affects all of us. Women's sexual health is always under the control of men.

The Country Is Mostly Run By Men


This information is not exactly new. Unfortunately, things are yet to change when it comes to society's opinions on abortions.

The notion that something can be done to lower abortion rates without mentioning women is simply mind-blowing. It might even seem far-fetched.

She Has A Simple Point


After this flurry of posts, lots of people were in agreement with Blair and congratulated her for the sobering Twitter thread.

People Were Impressed


Blair managed to teach many of us things we didn't think we ever needed to know about.

Whatever you think of the posts, her reaction is totally understandable.

We Are Always Told What We Should Think

Reading Blair's thread must be what it feels like when the truth hits you right in the face.

Some Applauded Blair And Shared Their Thoughts


Twitter can get pretty depressing at times. However, it is truly remarkable when people come together to build each other up and change society for the better.

Who Can't Get Her Point?

Sometimes you lack the words to express how much you agree with someone.

Do We Finally Have An Award-Winning Twitter Thread?

If this were possible, the award would certainly go to this mother of six.

The Twitter Thread Couldn't Get Enough Clapping Emojis


Without a doubt, a number of people will disagree with Blair. Fortunately, the support she has received for her thread is overwhelming.

A Suggestion From A Fan


She may claim to be a mom and a blogger, but a fan thinks it's time she added slayer of tweets to her list of expert skills.

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