More Women Now Embracing Their Natural Grey Hair

More Women Now Embracing Their Natural Grey Hair

As many women will know, seeing that first grey hair sprout from your scalp can be a shocking experience. While we all know that our hair will begin to turn grey as we get older, seeing that first grey hair appear can still come as a complete shock. What's more, once the first one comes, you can be certain that more will follow. For many women, this means only one thing – it is time to start investing in hair coloring.

Some women who want to disguise their grey hair turn to box dyes because they are cheaper and more convenient. However, they can be very messy, the results can be questionable at times, and they take time and effort, not to mention the stifling ammonia smell with some of them. Other women decide to go and get their hair colored professionally at a salon, which is far less of an inconvenience. It does not make a mess in your home and it boosts the chances of good results. However, this option can be extremely expensive.

Of course, there are women who have very sensitive skin and find that most, if not all, dyes they use cause a reaction. In fact, some dyes have been known to cause a reaction that has proven fatal. If you are sensitive to the ingredients of hair dye, even professional coloring at a salon can have a negative impact. For women in these circumstances, trying to disguise grey hair can be a nightmare.

Forget About Coloring and Embrace Your Greys

The good news is that more and more women around the world are now embracing their natural grey hair rather than trying to disguise it with hair color. For those who are sensitive to hair color, this is great news. In addition, for those who are fed up with investing time, effort, and money into dying their greys, this is an awesome look.

Over recent years, we have seen a new trend where younger women who have blonde or brunette hair without greys are actually purchasing hair colors that will give them that grey/silver hair that many older women have naturally. This may have helped to boost the popularity of older women now embracing their natural greys rather than coloring them. Of course, there are plenty of younger women in their 20s who start to get natural greys early on, and even they are starting to embrace them rather than be embarrassed.

When you embrace your natural grey hair, you don't have to worry about the cost, messiness, and inconvenience of dying your hair. You also won't have to worry about reactions, bad results, and the severe damage to your hair that can be caused by coloring. On top of this, you get to keep your own identity and enjoy rocking a look that some younger women are paying to try and achieve!

Choosing the Right Hair Care Products

One other thing to keep in mind is that thanks to the popularity of both natural and dyed grey hair, there are now lots of products available specifically designed for use on grey or silver hair. This includes brightening and glossing shampoos and conditioners among other things. By choosing the right hair care products, you can rock those silver/grey locks with pride by keeping them looking great. You can get on with your life looking and feeling great with your healthy, natural hair, and all without the worry of trying to disguise every new grey as it pops up!