Moon Dog Brewery In Melbourne Offering Free Beers For Australia's Best Isolation Mullet

Fellas, the moment you've been waiting for has finally arrived. Moon Dog Brewery is offering a year's supply of free beer for the best and worst isolation mullet.

After spending weeks at home due to coronavirus, you might be wondering what to do with your hair. Grow it all out? Test out a new look while no one can see it? Or shave it all off?

Well, Moon Dog Brewery has the answer.

If you want to spend a little more time trying to look like someone who's lost a fight with a lawnmower, here's a deal for you.

moon dog brewery in melbourne offering free beers for australia's best isolation mullet
moon dog brewery in melbourne offering free beers for australia's best isolation mullet

Moon Dog is giving away a year's supply of beer. Plus a prize pack from Beef Barbers to the best and worst mullets of the iso-season.

To sweeten the deal, anyone that rocks the mullet will also receive a free four-pack of the brewery's popular booze.

The brewery recently took to Instagram, announcing:

"It's not like a Magnificent Mullet ever needs a reason or an excuse, but if ever you needed one, then surely isolation is what you've been looking for!"


"Grab the clippers or the kitchen scissors and show us your best Iso Mullet!"

"We're giving away a free 4-pack of Jean-Strawb Van Damme to everyone who takes on the challenge, plus the best/worst mullet will score themselves a year's supply of beer."

"Further to the year's worth of free beer, the winner will land 'an epic prize pack including Sea Salt Spray, Beef's Butter, and a cap from our mates Beef Barber's."


To enter, one must simply take a before and after shot of their mullet and tag @moondogbrewing and @beefsbarber.

The idea is, you've to show your mop before and after you cut your hair.

And the campaign isn't just about sartorial choices. Beef's Barbers says the deal is also an opportunity to give back.

Beef Barber owner, Shaun Ash, said:

"Mullets are certainly back on trend, with thanks to a charity that we work closely with 'Mullets for the Kids' raising much-needed money for The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne."


"Right now is a perfect time for people to experiment with their hair as people aren't getting out and about, but we'll be here to fix the iso-mullet-f***ups on the other side."

Who are you trying to impress right now? Just get out those clippers and scissors and start shearing.