Money Problems Forced Me To Put Up With A Toxic Relationship

Money Problems Forced Me To Put Up With A Toxic Relationship

I'll admit, I have been involved with the wrong men for many reasons. In these cases, I could not accept that the relationship was past its sell-by date because of outright fear, or good sex. But at one time, I was trapped inside the wrong relationship because I lacked the financial means to get out. Here is how it happened.

1. Being Broke Is What Got Us Together

It's possible we were also in love, but truth be told, what really got us living together was the financial need we both had as it meant paying half the price for the place we needed.


2. We Found Out We Had Totally Different Tastes

Since our greatest motivation was to save some money, we would discover later that we did not see eye to eye on many issues, and conflicts began.

3. We Were Constantly Annoying Each Other

In addition to totally diverse personal tastes, everything else we did made the relationship more strained. While he was obsessed with video games, I became a total nag. Soon after we moved in, the honeymoon phase was over and done with.


4. We Thought Better-living Conditions Would Fix Everything

Moving into a bigger place felt like it would solve our problems. We even went on to adopt a dog, and the mutual care we offered the pet improved things, but only for a little while.

5. We No Longer Had Sex

The relationship was ruined, and there was no longer any sexual intimacy between us, and we even ended up sleeping in separate beds.


6. We Were Sleeping In Separate Rooms

Even though we did not have a big place, he set up in the living room and I was in the bedroom.

7. We Completely Had No Interest In Each Other For Three Months

After one too many disagreements, indifference reigned. All we could do was get up and go to work and come back and act like the other person did not exist. We only talked to the dog, not to each other.


8. We Started Fighting All The Time

It was too hard to ignore each other in a 300 square feet living space. We were getting on each other's nerves, and the war began as we yelled at each other over bills, shopping, the dog, and everything in between. There were even instances when cops had to step in.

9. We Let Things Get Too Far

One day things got a little too crazy, we were at each other's things and it ended in me getting slapped while in the street, where our crazy fight that began in the kitchen had taken us. I packed my stuff and moved in with my mom.


10. Moving In Together Got Us Trapped

We did not move together for any other reason besides saving money. Once it did not work out so well, we were trapped and the only solution was breaking loose, which was not so easy.

11. Breaking The Lease Would Have Been Too Expensive

Signing that lease meant signing away my freedom. It seemed like I was saving money, and it also seemed we would have an uninhibited love life. These fantasies blinded me to the reality of what awaited me. Once things failed to work out, we could not get away from each other because we were too broke for it.