Mom With Same Beehive Hairdo For 37 Years Looks Decades Younger After Impactful Makeover

Mom With Same Beehive Hairdo For 37 Years Looks Decades Younger After Impactful Makeover

There are many things that can make a difference in your appearance. This includes the way you dress, the makeup you wear, and the style of your hair.

In fact, your hairdo can make a huge difference to your appearance, as one woman came to realize recently. After nearly 40 years of having a beehive, Joan Irvine finally made a change and looked decades younger.

Making A Huge Difference

mom with same beehive hairdo for 37 years looks decades younger after impactful makeover

Each morning, Joan used to get up at 5.30 am to start the immense task of styling her hair into a beehive. This mammoth task used to take her four hours to complete, which is half a working day for most people!

However, she finally gave in after some persuasion from her two daughters. In fact, they were so frustrated by it all, they got in touch with The Oprah Show for help.

Joan went through a detailed process every morning to achieve her trademark beehive. In fact, she even canceled a vacation because she thought all the pins in her hair might set off the metal detectors.


So, when her daughters decided to take action to bring their 63-year-old mother's style into the 21st century, she agreed. The result was pretty astounding based on the photos that were later put online.

After the transformation and a completely new hairdo, Joan looked considerably younger than before. In addition, she even had a wardrobe makeover to help her achieve a modern look.


While Joan had been sporting the beehive look for nearly four decades, she looked happy with the end result. The makeover was a definite success and enables Joan to enjoy a whole new look.

For those who want to reinvent themselves and their look, a change of hairstyle is a great choice. It certainly worked for Joan, who is now enjoying her new younger look.

A Whole New Look

For those who want to change their appearance, a change of hairdo can make a huge difference. Many women find that a new style completely changes their appearance for the better.


Having a new style not only makes you feel better, but it can also make you look far younger. Switching to a modern style can have amazing results.

Those who are unsure of what style to have can ask their stylist for advice on a hairdo makeover. This can help you to achieve the best results based on your face shape and overall appearance.