Mom Wanted To Give Baby With Down Syndrome To Foster Care, So Dad Decides To Raise His Child All On His Own

Mom Wanted To Give Baby With Down Syndrome To Foster Care, So Dad Decides To Raise His Child All On His Own

Fatherhood and marriage are not easy, and this is something Evgeny Anisimov knows very well despite his young age. Today, many couples face obstacles they can't overcome.

For Evgeny and his wife, the end of their relationship started with the birth of their son, who has Down Syndrome.

Initially, The Boy's Birth Was A Very Happy Moment

When their son was born, Evgeny and his wife were thrilled. This changed the instant they discovered that the little boy had Down Syndrome.

The duplication of the twenty-first chromosome causes the congenital problem. The additional copy is known as Trisomy 21, and it changes how the brain and the body develop in the baby.

Getting the news was a massive blow to Evgeny, but he was still determined to be the best dad his son could have.

This, unfortunately, was not what his wife had in mind. She felt that it would be a better idea to give up the kid for adoption since the financial demands of raising him would devastate the family financially.

The young dad disagreed with his wife's point of view and was okay raising his son alone, even if that meant his wife had to leave them.

Even With Down Syndrome, Evgeny Was Going To Care For His Son

Mom Wanted To Give Baby With Down Syndrome To Foster Care, So Dad Decides To Raise His Child All On His Own

Even though raising a unique child like his son was not going to be easy, the father knew that the boy deserved happiness and love and would provide that to him.

As far as he was concerned, Misha was still his son, and he had to do his best to take care of him.

The news that his son had Down Syndrome was not easy to accept, but his love for him never changed.

Micha was not a child with Down Syndrome, he was his son.

Raising A Child With Down Syndrome Is Never Easy For Families

Bringing up a special child is challenging. Families have first to figure out what they are dealing with.

This is what Evgeny needed to understand to ensure he could take care of his son properly. Down Syndrome is incurable, and the best he can do is give him the best care possible.

Undoubtedly, we should learn to be more supportive of each other and accept people living with disabilities.

Evgeny certainly knows how important this is, given what he went through with his son's mother. He took the chance to spread awareness about Down Syndrome on social media.

He is doing this because he cares about his mission. The man is not looking for fame.

Evgeny understands that many parents are going through the same struggles, so he needs to teach them as much about the condition as possible.

Like Everyone Else, Misha Feels Happy And Loved

Mom Wanted To Give Baby With Down Syndrome To Foster Care, So Dad Decides To Raise His Child All On His Own

Although Misha might be genetically different, he still has emotions like the rest of us. His father wants to be an example to others when it comes to accepting situations like his.

He communicates with many people, both near and far, hoping to inspire them to see past the difficulties that stand before them and understand that everything will be fine in the end.

Misha will not feel that he is different from other kids. As far as he knows, his father loves him very much, which is what matters.

Evgeny Cried When He Heard Of His Son's Condition

Tears of sadness rolled down Evgeny's face when he learned his son had Down Syndrome. Nevertheless, he quickly got over it and focused on being the best dad his son could have.

He knew he had a mission and an obligation to his family as a father.

When he learned more about the condition, he felt much more relieved. He felt even better when he decided to teach others about the condition.

The more he learned about the condition, the more reassured he felt. He knows that many people with the condition live just like regular people.

Still, raising a child with Down Syndrome does come with its fair share of challenges. Fortunately, nothing about the condition can stop you from having a happy and meaningful life.

When Evgeny decided he was going to raise his son, he did not imagine there would be a positive outcome in the end. He nevertheless thought about letting him enjoy time outside and allowing him to live his life.

He did not think of ever abandoning his son in an orphanage because that would be "inhumane."

On average, 1 in 700 children is born with Down Syndrome. The condition can be managed properly through education, love, and support.