Mom Trolled For 'Inappropriate' Bikini Pic With 15-Year-Old Son Slams 'Sexualization'


Sophie Guidolin, a mother of four and popular fitness influencer, recently faced criticism from online trolls who deemed a photo of her posing in a bikini with her teenage son as "inappropriate."

The picture was taken in honor of her son's 15th birthday, but the revealing attire worn by Guidolin provoked negative reactions from some commenters.

1. Sophie Isn't Pleased With People Sexualizing Her Body And Her Relationship With Her Son

As expected, the negative comments didn't sit well with her, and she returned to the post to edit the caption and express her disapproval.

2. There's Literally Nothing Wrong With Wearing A Bathing Suit Around Your Child

Sophie Guidolin, who lives in a hot Australian climate, has responded to critics who deemed a photo of her and her teenage son in swimwear as "inappropriate."

She explained in an updated caption that when her son woke up, she was already in the pool, as she typically is most days. She clarified that she doesn't have any issues wearing a bikini in front of her sons, as she's never been sexualized to them.

She suggested that critics should reflect on why they feel the need to sexualize a woman's body in this situation, rather than seeing it as a mother and son enjoying a day at the pool.

3. She Later Posted An Instagram Story To Say More As The Trolling Comments Obviously Bothered Her

Sophie also recalled a previous incident where she was criticized for wearing a bikini while working out on the beach with her son. She pointed out that wearing bikinis in front of her children is completely normal and that there is nothing shameful or sexual about having a body or body parts. She added that she makes it a point to teach her boys this as well.

"The good thing to mention here is that I wear bikinis in front of my kids because my body is normal. Having a body is normal, having body parts is normal, it's not sexualized, it's nothing shameful, and it's something I reiterate and drive home here with my boys," she stated.

4. Her Kids Simply See Her As Their Mom

Sophie made it clear that her sons view her as a parent and not as an object of desire. When they see her in a bikini, they see a mom who is enjoying the sun or taking a dip in the water. She said, "They don't see me and be like 'Oooh what a sexy bum you've got.'" Sophie is standing her ground and has kept the photo up, and it's hard to blame her.