Mom Thought She Would Be Afraid Of Her Daughter When She Found Out She Would Be Born A "Mermaid"

Blaire Spivey, who is five years old, was diagnosed with sirenomelia, a rare congenital anomaly in which her legs were fused at her feet and rotated backward from the knee.

Noelle Spivey, aged 35 and Blaire's mother, received the diagnosis of her daughter's condition and was informed that it was not a question of "if," but "when" her unborn child would pass away.

She confesses to being terrified that she might be "scared" of her own daughter.

At the 12-week scan, Noelle received the news that Blaire had sirenomelia.

Recalling the frightening moment, the mother revealed: "The doctor came in an essentially said - 'your baby has a fatal condition."

"I started crying - it had been hard enough to get pregnant.''

Noelle was resolute in not giving up and received close monitoring throughout her pregnancy.

She said: "Most babies diagnosed with mermaid syndrome as a fetus don't develop a kidney, intestines or genitals. It's scary."

Noelle had a scheduled C-section planned, but during her 37-week scan, doctors discovered that her amniotic fluid levels had decreased, and she was immediately taken for an emergency C-section.

On February 7, 2018, at 10:27 am, Blaire was born, weighing 4lbs 8oz.

She said: "It was the happiest moment of my life. Once they made sure she was OK I got to see her and she was crying."

"I put my hand on her head, she looked at me and stopped crying. She was born with lungs, heart, brain – everything was normal."

"But she only had one of her two bones in her lower legs. Below her knee it was rotated backwards and everything was fused."

"I had been terrified of the unknown. But seeing her in person – I was just calm."

Against all odds, Blaire miraculously survived a grueling seven-hour operation to separate her legs at the age of 18 months.

Afterwards, her legs were amputated from the knees down.

Last summer, Blaire received her first full-length prosthetic legs and has now taken her first steps.

"She's just my baby'. She's perfect. I tell her she was born a mermaid. And I say to her - 'not everyone is used to cool legs like you'."

"They thought she wouldn't walk. She's beaten the odds. She's just a normal kid. It's amazing to be her mum. She's doing great. She wants to be able to run but we try to instil confidence in her."

Doctors are investigating a few health complications that Blaire still has, such as a partial bladder, but according to her mother Noelle, she remains "sassy" and "strong".

"She's super smart and hilarious. She's recently learned to cross her eyes. She's a miracle. We started wheelchair tennis and cheerleading. I hope for a long, happy, healthy life for her."