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Mom Sues School After Being Banned From Volunteering "Because She Has An OnlyFans"

A parent in the United States has filed a lawsuit against a school for prohibiting her from participating as a volunteer, reportedly due to her having an OnlyFans account.

Victoria Triece, a 31-year-old mother, claims that she was barred from volunteering at Sand Lake Elementary, a school in Orlando, Florida, which her son attends.

The disappointed mom said: "It's been extremely difficult. I feel like the one joy in my life, you know, was taken straight from my hands for no actual reason."


On Tuesday, January 24th, Victoria Triece filed a legal complaint against Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) alleging that the principal of Sand Lake Elementary informed her that she would no longer be permitted on school grounds around children.


The lawsuit states that this directive was issued by the Orange County Public School Board and further alleges that Triece's privacy was violated and she was subjected to civil sexual cyberharassment by the school board as they allegedly shared her photos with staff, employees, and the media without her permission.

Triece continued: "The reason that I even started OnlyFans was because I didn't want a 9 to 5.


"I wanted to still be involved. I went through a crazy breakup. I wanted to still go to school with them and be with them 24/7 and be as involved in their lives as I could be without being away from them. They're everything to me."

Triece had been a volunteer at the school for five years, successfully completing the annual background checks, and did not have any criminal record.

She has filed a lawsuit in the hopes of being able to volunteer again, her attorney Mark NeJame stated: "It's kind of like the old days of having a scarlet letter on your head."


"What she was doing, what she does in her off time, it's not illegal. But yet, we have a morality police with the Orange County School Board and whatever administrators made this horrific decision."


Michael Ollendorff, a representative for OCPS, refused to give any explanation as to why Triece was banned and Triece claims that the reason was never clarified.

"It's never been clarified to me," she said.

"They never said what I could and couldn't do."

She added: "I want a change. I don't want any parent at all to ever go through this. It's not, to me, it's just not fair at all."


This lawsuit marks Triece's second legal action, as she announced her intention to sue the school board in 2021. As per Florida law, an individual must wait for six months before filing a lawsuit against a government entity.

In 2021, NeJame stated that the plan was to sue for a minimum of $1 million, however, now he said the amount will be decided by the jury.

On her Instagram Stories, Triece expressed her gratitude to her fans and followers for their ongoing support.


"This has by far been the hardest 15 months in my life," she said.

"I pray for a change and hope that no one else ever has to deal with the heartbreak I have been enduring."