Mom Starts Packing 2 Lunches After Son Notices Student With Little Food Eating Alone

mom starts packing 2 lunches after son notices student with little food eating alone

A mother thought her son's appetite had grown slightly bigger when he started asking for two lunches instead of one as he headed to school. She was concerned that her son wasn't eating enough.

However, later, Josette Duran was surprised to learn that it was not about him eating more but ensuring that a disadvantaged friend also had enough to eat.

The little boy had a big heart, not a bigger belly.

At school, he had seen another student eating a fruit cup every day all by himself. Needless to say, the student didn't have lunch like most other students at the school.

The boy's school is in Alburquerque, New Mexico.

Later, it was discovered that the other student's mother had lost her job. That had made it impossible for her to get any supplemental food for her family, including packed lunch for her son.

After the boy explained this to his mother, she was more anxious than ever to pack two sets of meals for the boy as he headed out to school.

She prepared two drinks, two snacks, two pieces of fruit, two sandwiches, as well as a sweet note that mentioned both of them and wished them a great day at school.

Josette Called By The Principal Over Her Actions

One day, Josette was called to the principal's office. The other student's mother had requested it.

While there, she thanked her for feeding her son and offered to pay her back with her new income. However, Josette turned down the offer.

Following the incident, other people were inspired to do something for students who could not afford meals as they attended school.

For instance, the school volleyball team Josette coaches donated $400 to the cafeteria. The money would go towards feeding kids who could not afford lunch like everyone else.

This lovely story goes to show that good people are all around us, and that generosity and kindness do not know age.