Mom Says She Is Entitled To Snoop Through Her Teenage Kids' Phones Because She Pays For Them

This mother is transparent about monitoring her children's phones to ensure their safety. While some individuals support her contentious approach and praise her attentiveness, many others criticize her and accuse her of not having enough faith in her children.

The internet is currently split over a mother's statement that she has the right to inspect her children's phones because she is the one funding them.

Laura Muse, a mother from North Carolina, expressed this opinion, sparking a range of viewpoints.

The mother acknowledged confiscating her teenage children's phones, including her 15-year-old son and 17-year-old daughter, before bedtime to encourage healthy sleep habits and limit online addiction.

However, contrary to what you might believe, she not only safeguards their privacy but also devotes additional time to scrutinize their devices to ensure that her teenagers are behaving appropriately.

The 41-year-old stressed to The New York Post that she has the right to monitor their phones since she covers the expenses for them.

"I own their phones, I pay for the phones. I can go through them whenever I want," she said. "People might think [it] is a sign of disrespect or an invasion of their privacy, but this is how I manage my ship."

The mother of two began conducting periodic checks of her children's devices when they were around 11 years old, and this continued throughout their teenage years. Even now, she occasionally requests to examine their phones.

According to Muse, she trusts her kids but checks their phones to prevent them from getting involved in inappropriate activities while also safeguarding them against online predators and scammers.

Nonetheless, as a mental health clinician, the 41-year-old has also caught her children doing things they shouldn't have. For instance, there were reports that she caught her son, Cohen, sharing shirtless pictures of himself online. Naturally, the vigilant mother had him remove the content.

"If I do find something that's an issue, we talk about it and turn it into a teachable moment," she shared. "I'm not perfect, I don't expect my children to be perfect, but it's important to keep an eye on things."

Muse is not alone in resorting to controversial parenting techniques to monitor her children. Other parents are also resorting to checking their kids' phones to ensure there is no inappropriate content.

While some people applauded the mother for being vigilant about her children's safety, others criticized her for not trusting them enough.

"One thing I will do that my parents did with us was never search my kids phones. They instilled the whole we deserve some amount of privacy," one user wrote

The mom answered: "Everyone has their own parenting style. I am lenient to an extent. Child p*** is not okay in my book. Down [sic] not matter that they are both minors."

Another commenter thought: "Privacy is good, but the internet is DANGEROUS"

"No privacy when I pay his bills," the mother replied.

In a shocking discovery, a mother found out at six in the morning that her 15-year-old son was sharing explicit pictures of himself with his girlfriend as she went through his phone.

The mother shared her frustration in a TikTok video, using a sound that said "I'm going to lose my s*** today." The clip captured her scrolling through her teenager's phone while rubbing her forehead, visibly annoyed.