Mom Runs Over Boyfriend After Finding Him In Bed With Her 7-year-old Daughter

Mom Runs Over Boyfriend After Finding Him In Bed With Her 7-year-old Daughter

A Texas mom walked into the most horrifying incident imaginable. She found her boyfriend naked and having sex with her 7-year-old daughter.

She called the police immediately. As she tried to reach the authorities and get them to handle the situation, her boyfriend, Orlando Delmer-Ortiz, attempted to get away.

She Hit Him With Her Car

The incident took place in August 2021. She had left Orlando to care for her daughter while she was away.


After she got home and went upstairs to look for them, she found the two in bed. The horrified mom called 911, and she could be heard by the dispatcher saying, "What are you doing to her?"

The mom explained what was happening. She said that she had found her boyfriend naked in bed with her daughter and that he was running away.

When asked if the man was her boyfriend, she said, "He was supposed to be. But hurry up, or I'm going to kill him. I'm going to f***ing kill him."


From there, she asked the dispatcher several times to hurry up since he was trying to get away. She also kept saying they needed to hurry before she killed him.

Orlando was jumping over the fence as she was on the call with the dispatcher.

The Woman Chased Him

According to reports, the mother told her daughter to get into her car before they chased the man down as he fled. All the while, she was still on the call with the dispatcher, offering a description of the man.


The sound of something getting hit by the car could also be heard in the call. The girl could also be heard screaming, and the mother said, "Please get an ambulance."

On hearing this, the dispatcher asked the woman why they needed an ambulance. She explained that the boyfriend had gotten hit by her car after he jumped right in front of it.

The man was passed out drunk but seemed to be okay. He then escaped from the scene before the authorities could get there.


Investigation Into The Case

After several months, the police eventually thoroughly investigated the incident. The girl was interviewed about what was happening when her mother found them in bed.

She gave very detailed information about the abuse she suffered at Orlando's hands.

In April, the authorities tried to question the suspect several times, but he never showed up for any appointments. In the end, he was put under arrest on May 3.


He was charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child, failure to identify, evading arrest, reckless driving, and an immigration hold.

The man is still in jail. The status of the mother and her young daughter is still unknown.

We can only hope the girl gets the help she needs after the traumatizing experience.