Mom-Of-Two's OnlyFans Success Cost Her Friends And Family But Made Her A Millionaire

A woman named Lucy Banks, hailing from Perth, Australia, experienced a significant change in her life after joining OnlyFans four years ago.

This move turned out to be incredibly successful for her, making her a millionaire. Not bad at all!

But even with her newfound financial success, Lucy faced some challenges. She shared with Mama Mia that not everyone in her life was supportive of her decision to join the risqué platform.


In fact, she had disagreements and lost touch with a few family members and friends who didn't agree with her choice.

"I come from a small town and everyone found out I did OnlyFans. Everyone wanted to have a sticky beak," she said.


"I fell out with my entire friend group. I felt so bad but another side that kicked in and told me, 'You have not personally done anything to those people. You're still the same person'."

According to Lucy, she made the bold decision to dive into the world of OnlyFans to provide for her young children.

"I'm trying to build a future for my boys and that kept me going," she explained.


Now, boasting a few hundred subscribers to her account, Lucy can make up to $3,000 daily by offering a 'girlfriend experience' on OnlyFans. This remarkable increase in income is a far cry from the mere $60 she had in her bank account before joining the platform.

"Initially, people were just shocked," she shared.

"It was the biggest deal in the world but it's been nice to just live my life without the huge amount of judgment I used to get."


Lucy decided to join OnlyFans after getting out of a marriage and feeling tired of working constantly to make enough money.

One of her friends who was already on the platform told her about the experience, which convinced Lucy to give it a try.

"There were times when I couldn't afford my rent. There were times I had to go on payment plans to pay the school fees," she confessed.

"I had been working in the corporate banking industry doing really long hours and I just needed to find something where I could be there for my kids when they needed me, so I asked a girlfriend who was doing OnlyFans if it was worth the hype."


Now, Lucy enjoys financial stability, owns several properties, and can afford to send her children to a good school.