Mom Of Skirt-Wearing Male Teen Who Raped Female Teen In Bathroom Says Son Identifies As Male And Just Wanted Sex As She Berates Victim: "You're 15. You Can Reasonably Defend Yourself"

Mom Of Skirt-wearing Male Teen Who Raped Female Teen In Bathroom Says Son Identifies As Male And Just Wanted Sex As She Berates Victim: 'you're 15. You Can Reasonably Defend Yourself.'

A mom has come to her son's defense after he was accused of raping a girl. The teenage boy wore a skirt and assaulted the girl in the girls' bathroom.

The mom clarified that the boy is not transgender. Although she notes that he identifies as male, she says he just wanted sex.

However, the court did not share that opinion. In October, the judge ruled that the boy was guilty of assault.


The incident took place in May.

After the incident, the boy was put under electronic surveillance. Later, in October, he was seen groping another female teen at a different high school in Loudoun County.

Mother Speaks Out

Up to now, the mother has not been identified. However, she has insisted that the boy is not transgender.

She explained that her son had engaged in consensual sex with the girl two times in the past. To her, the boy was just a "heterosexual, hormonal teen:"


"He's a 15-year-old boy that wanted to have sex in the bathroom, with somebody that was willing. And they're twisting this just enough to make it a political hot button issue."

The mom claimed that the boy was "deeply troubled" over the accusations. The only reason he wore a skirt that day was that he has an "androgynous style."

The mom said that the boy could wear a skirt one day and put on jeans and a T-shirt or a hoodie the next day:


"He was trying to find himself and that involved all kinds of styles. I believe he was doing it because it gave him attention he desperately needed and sought."

To The Boy, The Rape Was An Accident

The way the boy explained the incident to his mother was all a big misunderstanding. Apparently, the two teens had met in the bathroom earlier because the female teen was not feeling well that day.


The boy was worried about her and asked her how she was feeling. From there, he touched her forehead and gave her some water.

After that, the two discussed the possibility of having sex.

However, she said they would see how things would work out since she wasn't feeling well.

Later in the day, the boy followed the girl into the bathroom and made an advance on her even though the girl said she was not feeling any better.


The boy, therefore, described the rape as if it was an accident. The boy apparently claimed that he had no intention of having anal sex with her:

"He said he was intending for vaginal and it ended up for 10 seconds as anal."

However, he was concerned because the girl was in pain. He asked her if she was okay and wanted to know what kind of pain she was experiencing.

So, to the mom, her son was "showing genuine concern" for the teen girl.


The Mom Then Criticized The Girl

In addition to defending her son, the woman also called into question the girl's behavior. She explained that if the girl was actually being raped, she would have screamed, kicked, and done other things.

Since the girl is 15, the mom thinks she could have done something to defend herself instead of deciding to just "sit there and take it."


To the boy's mom, her lack of reaction meant that the boy felt it was fine to keep going.

The incident happened at Virginia's Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn.

The girl later admitted that this was not the first time they had engaged in sex in the bathroom. The teen girl also admitted that they had agreed to meet there during the lunch break.

However, after she showed up at the agreed time, she informed the boy that she was no longer interested in having sex with him. Nevertheless, the boy did not heed the girl's words and instead threw her on the floor and forced her to have sex with him.


After the second incident in October, the boy was put in juvenile remand as he awaited a hearing.

The Boy Has A Bad Has A History Of Sexual Indiscretions

According to the media, the 15-year-old boy has a history of sexual incidents. Apparently, while in the 5th grade, he sent his nudes to a female classmate.

However, the girl's parents did not file charges, and the district swore it would keep the boy away from their daughter in return for the favor.


However, when this was brought up in the ongoing case, the mom was furious and asked, "What the f*** does that have to do with anything?"

She started claiming that an investigator had been hired to drench up the boy's past and "ruin him for the rest of his life."

The mom admitted that the boy had been a challenging child his entire life, which she has tried to deal with as best as she could. She also revealed that the boy has been in counseling and therapy:


"It's been 15 years of hell trying to get him to do better and be better."

Even now, the mother does not see how the May sexual assault charges are related to the recent groping incident.

She complained that she was not given a chance to hear her son's side because he was "being hauled into [juvenile detention]" before she had a chance to talk to him.

The mom did not feel that it was fair that the boy was about to be put on the sexual registry and be committed to Megan's Law all his life due to what she calls "15-year-old hormones."