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Mom Dragged For Using Play-Doh To Demonstrate C-Section Surgery To Son

mom dragged for using play-doh to demonstrate c-section surgery to son

According to some people, a mom went a little overboard during her son's birthday celebration. The mom, a doctor by profession, thought it would be a great idea to celebrate the day her son was born using a graphic demonstration of how a baby is delivered using a Cesarean section.

She used Play-Doh to stage the unusual demonstration to the young boy.

The mom was proud of it and even shared it on Twitter, where it has gotten over 3.8 million views. She labeled the video "Cesarean #playdoughsurgery pregnant woman for my kid's 4th birthday."

In the detailed how-to video, Dr. Jessica gives her son a tutorial on how children are born using C-section.

Before you think this was too drastic, it's important to note that the lady is known online as @thebreakfasteur. Under this name, she makes Play-Doh YouTube tutorial videos for her son because he loves surgery.

In this popular production, the woman supervises as her son slices into a realistic Play-Doh belly using a plastic knife.

It was quite a learning experience for the curious young boy. "It's going to be wet," he screams.

He makes this realization and then starts to take out the dummy's equivalent of a real pregnant woman's amniotic fluid.

But he does not get squirmish, and the aspiring doctor manages to extract the "baby" from the belly. The infant is a Spiderman toy.

For a placenta, the dummy had a balloon. And to complete the show in style, there were applause sounds in the background.

Later, Jessica explained that the video was also meant as a tribute to the medical staff that helped during her son's delivery.

"Our little guy just had a birthday (the big 4!) and we reminisced about the eventful, unexpected day he arrived and the flurry of amazing people involved with getting him here safely."

For obvious reasons, many Twitter users did not share in this sentiment. They thought this was a bad idea.

They began by pointing out some obvious horrifying flaws in the make-believe surgery her son did. For instance, it did not show how the belly is repaired afterwards:

"There is no way to repair this disembodied abdomen, which is part of a human woman. Too much emphasis on the baby. I don't find it cute, it's actually a bit frightening."

Another commenter thought that the entire experiment was a bit disturbing:

"I consider myself a very progressive parent & embrace age-appropriate learning for all topics, but this is just plain unnecessary & quite frankly a little disturbing."

And then there were those who thought this was a terrible lesson, as it might make the boy want to cut into his friends' bellies.

But obviously, some people found the clip to be quite educational and congratulated the mom and applauded the brave and brilliant kid:

"Holy COW this is amazing!! What a smart kid, too!!"

Another fan of the idea was also quite impressed by how educational the video was:

"I learnt more about birthing a child from this video than I ever did in catholic school."

And then we have those who always find humor in everything. One viewer claimed to have finally found the answer to Spiderman's true origin:

"I always wondered about Spider-Man's *real* origin story!"

But for those who follow the doctor on YouTube, this is hardly the first time she has taught her son serious surgical procedures using Play-Doh.

Her YouTube channel has about 5,000 subscribers, and they have seen her post tutorials on things like cleft palate repair to kidney transplants.