A mom from Arizona says that her 15- month-old daughter is sustaining more than 25 bite injuries after taking her to a daycare facility.

When Alice Martin, the mother of Rosalyn, picked her daughter up from daycare, she noticed her child behaving fussier than usual. When she went to bathe the child, she saw many red marks on the back of her daughter.

“I was like, are these really bite marks,” Alice said a foreign media.

Alice told the media that the marks were terrifying and stomach-turning.

“I felt both sad and angry,” she said.

The mother claims that this incidence happened 5 days after her daughter started daycare at Creative Beginning Preschool. She discovered the marks on February 26.

Alice also claims that for the past two months, no one has done anything concerning this incidence. When she shared the images of her child’s bites on the media, she stated that the daycare service didn’t even call or inform her when the incident occurred.

The mother is suing the preschool

The preschool is now being sued for negligence of duty after the incident was reported to the Tucson Department of Health and the police.

This issue could have been avoided if the daycare management took the initiative to follow up on the incident. They didn’t even care to report to the mother of the child.

The investigating officer in this case told Alice that the marks on her daughter’s back were likely to have been caused by another toddler at the daycare.

The mother shared her agony, saying that if a child sustains such bites, the nannies should have heard her cry. This shows that, perhaps, the nannies in the daycare just ignored the incident.

“The fact that they didn’t inform me after I picked her up is just astounding,” the mother said.

Alice also said that as a mother, you feel you have to protect your toddler. She feels like she didn’t protect her daughter because she left her to someone who didn’t care to look out for her.

Investigation still pending

Alice filed a report on the incident with the Tucson Police. The Crime Scene team took pictures of the toddler’s injuries the day this incidence happened. The TPD Child Physical Abuse is also investigating the matter.

According to a Department of Health spokesman, the investigation is still pending.

Alice and her husband, both former marines, reported to the media that they selected Creative Beginning daycare services because the state accredits this preschool.

She also said that she chose the preschool because it’s near the University of Arizona, where she’s studying.

Alice also explained in a post on Sunday that she filed a police report for negligence. She notified the Tucson Department of Health of the issue, which handles daycare accreditation.

After reporting with the police, she hasn’t received any updates regarding the issue, nor the Department contacted her.

“I signed up for victim notification,” she said.

No arrests or charges had been made by Monday, and Creative Beginning preschool wouldn’t even make a statement. Alice believes that it’s “unlikely” the preschool will face repercussions.