Mom Believes She Has Spotted 'Jesus' In The Flames Of Notre Dame Cathedral

A few days after a devastating fire destroyed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the whole world is still grieving over the destruction of one of the famous and enormous man's creations in history.

This 850-year-old building was razed by fire on Monday, April 15. The fire destroyed the beautiful gothic exteriors, which caused the iconic 300-feet tower and most of the roof of the cathedral to collapse.

The old roof of the Notre Dame Cathedral was almost destroyed entirely by the raging flames. People used to call this roof "the forest" as it was made from a forest of trees.

This fire started on Monday afternoon. Paris's Deputy Mayor, Emmanuel Gregoire, released a statement that Notre Dema Cathedral has faced "colossal damages."

But now, a 38-year-old mom, Lesley Rowan, has left many people on social media with astonishment. She shared a haunting image claiming that she can see a figure of Jesus in Notre Dame's fire flames.

The figure of Jesus Christ appeared in the devastating fire which consumed Notre Dame Cathedral, Lesley said.

Lesley, from Scotland, was following the news about this tragic incident when she noticed an outline of our Savior Jesus Christ in the raging flames on one of the photos taken during the tragedy.

Sharing her thoughts on social media, Lesley described the figure as God's Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, pointing outwards from this 850-year-old building. The mom has also shared an image on Facebook. It shows the raging flames with a section of Notre Dame circled where one can spot a figure of somebody wearing a gown.

She also shared a caption asking her Facebook followers whether they can see the same figure she's seeing. She claims she can spot the "Christ-like figure." And most people believed it to be true.

The comments on her post overwhelmed Lesley. Many people also claim they can see an outline of Jesus in the raging flames. Many confirmed that it's real, and it's a vivid image of the Son of God.

One of the social media users commented on Lesley's post, saying the image is clear. That "It's Jesus."

But not everyone agreed with this observation. Some people said that they could only see a "statue."

In an interview, Lesley said that she looked at the photo the night after the incident, and she got astonished when she noticed the figure in flames. She claimed she could see Jesus's Silhouette.

Lesley also said that she feels that the manifestation of Jesus on the ranging flames will bring comfort. Both to people in France and the rest of the world during these sad times.

People throughout the world have donated over €600 million for the rebuilding of the cathedral. President Emmanuel Macron also said, on Tuesday, that he's committed to rebuilding Notre Dame Cathedral within five years.

President Macron said the cathedral would be rebuilt in a televised state address, and it will be "even more beautiful" than before. The rebuilding will complete in five years, and he urged people to "come together."