Modern Dating Makes Me Feel Incredibly Alone

Finding love is a desire shared by many, but unfortunately, dating is a necessary step in the process that can be quite unpleasant. The truth is that the search for love can be a lonely and depressing experience.

1. Guys Text Me Hot And Cold

My female friends and I are all experiencing a similar situation. I spend an entire night typing away on my iPhone, but the next morning, there are no text messages to be found. I message guys and receive no response for days, only for them to suddenly want to hang out at the last minute, and the cycle repeats itself. I'm unsure of what the nature of our relationship is or where it's headed, and it's a tormenting experience.

2. Hookup Culture Is Everywhere

When I enter a relationship, I do so with the hope of building something meaningful, beyond just a physical connection. However, the majority of the guys I meet are not interested in a committed relationship. They are only after sex, and once they get what they want, they disappear, unless they are feeling lonely again. I'm not seen as a girlfriend but rather a booty call or a one-night stand. As a result, I'm left without emotional support.

3. There Are Too Many Cheaters And Too Many Ways To Cheat

Cheating is an inexcusable act that unfortunately still persists. Rather than resorting to infidelity, men should express their discontent and work things out or simply end the relationship. With emotional affairs, sexual affairs, and sexting becoming all too common, modern dating has made it far too easy to cheat. Being cheated on is a terrible feeling that leaves one feeling completely alone and betrayed.

4. Everyone Seems To Be Against Relationship Statuses

People may want to keep their true relationship status hidden, but this only leads to confusion. I often meet wonderful men, and everything seems perfect until I find out that there are actually three people involved: myself, the guy, and his girlfriend. They never disclosed their existing relationships, leaving me unknowingly as the "other woman" and the accomplice to their infidelity. This not only leaves me feeling lonely, but also affects girls I don't even know.

5. Most Guys I've Met Don't Give Honest Answers About Breakups

Despite the fact that a breakup signifies the end of a relationship, I still long to understand why it ended. Even if our love story has come to a close, if they ever truly loved or cared for me, they owe me an explanation. It's only fair that I know why our fairytale has come to an end. If I'm doing something wrong, I wish someone would kindly point it out to me so that I can learn from it in the game of love.

6. A Lot Of Guys Can't Seem To Make Up Their Minds

It's difficult to decipher what guys truly feel about me, as their signals are mixed. I am unsure if they are genuinely interested or merely bored. The uncertainty is agonizing, and waiting to hear how they feel is a lonely experience. I find modern dating to be immature and wish that people would be more decisive and clear about their intentions.

7. People Actually Make Other People Their Backup Plans

The idea that some individuals settle for their partners due to unrequited love is cruel and disheartening. It would have been preferable to know that I wasn't their first choice before I fell deeply in love. Discovering the truth made me feel more isolated than ever before. It's crucial to acknowledge that settling in a relationship can cause tremendous harm.

8. No One Seems To Want To Make An Effort Anymore

Modern dating seems to be a lazy endeavor. Instead of addressing relationship concerns head-on, individuals often wait for the problems to resolve themselves. However, relationships necessitate communication, and avoiding discussion is detrimental. Although every couple argues and faces difficulties, some guys refuse to engage in conversation and leave their partners feeling stuck and helpless.

9. My Exes Have No Respect For Former Relationships

It's difficult for me to see my ex-partners flirting with my friends after we've broken up. The breakup is already painful enough, but watching them pursue one of my girlfriends is like a twist of the knife. With so many single women in the world, it's puzzling why my exes can't date outside of my social circle. When they move on to my friends, it feels as though I never mattered to them, and I'm left wondering if I'll ever find someone who values me.

10. No One Wants To Make A Real Commitment

I understand that some guys need time to become ready for a serious relationship, but at some point, it's no longer a valid excuse. I am patient and never rush things, allowing relationships to progress slowly. But even then, it seems like they'll never be prepared for a committed relationship. I'm left to consider whether the issue is with me or them. Regardless, my hopes for a fulfilling relationship are shattered, leaving me feeling desolate and alone in the modern dating scene.