Model Whose Lip Was Bitten Off By Dog Shows Off Transformation After Six Surgeries

A model, who suffered a horrific attack resulting in the loss of her entire upper lip, now proudly displays her new smile after undergoing six surgeries.

Before a dog attack in November 2020, Brooklinn Khoury was establishing herself as a rising social media influencer. This is her tale.

The 23-year-old was spending time with her cousin and her eight-year-old pit bull, Diesel, the day before she was due to appear in a television commercial.

After a day of activities, they returned to Brooklinn's house to relax.

However, the situation became violent when Diesel unexpectedly turned and attacked Brooklinn, biting into her face and tearing off her upper lip.

In an interview with Inside Edition, Brooklinn spoke about the frightening incident and stated: "He was hanging off of my mouth."

After the attack, she took a picture of her face, which she finds difficult to view.

"You could see the fear in my eyes, 'Oh my God, that's what I look like'," she recalled.

"How do you fix this? How do you fix this?' I didn't realise he had taken off my whole lip."

Over the past two years since the incident, Brooklinn has made significant progress and documented it online.

However, the journey has not been easy.

Brooklinn said: "Just having to look at myself in the mirror and having to tell myself and believe that what I am seeing is not the final product and loving myself regardless of how I look just from the inside out."

Despite undergoing several surgeries, some lasting up to 20 hours, she has regained her smile.

"I think if you were to tell me a year ago today that I would look the way that I do, I wouldn't believe you," she said.

Because of the extent of her injuries, it took Brooklinn over a year to find a doctor who was willing to perform the necessary treatments.

In November 2021, she discovered Dr. Nicholas Do, who promised to do his best to restore her smile.

He used skin and nerves from her arm to construct a new, fully functional upper lip.

"In plastic surgery we can't exactly recreate what was missing but if we can mimic it enough, it should almost be indistinguishable to the general public," he said.

Brooklinn's journey is not yet complete, as she is scheduled to have additional surgery later this month.