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Model Who Spent £30k On Surgery Can't Find A Boyfriend Because Her 'Boobs Are Too Big'

model who spent £30k on surgery can’t find a boyfriend because her ‘boobs are too big.’

Right now, Yvonne Bar is regretting the day she decided to have her boobs increased from size AA to an H cup. After the surgery, the poor lady has been struggling to find a boyfriend because her "boobs are too big."

Yvonne was formerly an investment banking assistant, but she then turned to modeling.

The German lady spent £30,000 in total on plastic surgery. However, £20,000 was spent on three boob jobs.

Bullying Made Her Wish For Bigger Boobs

Yvonne explained that the reason she put so much focus on getting bigger boobs was that she was often bullied over her small boobs at school.

That made her insecure, especially after she started getting names such as "tomboy" and descriptions like "stick with nipples."

model who spent £30k on surgery can't find a boyfriend because her 'boobs are too big'
model who spent £30k on surgery can't find a boyfriend because her 'boobs are too big'

After struggling with the deep body insecurities for years, Yvonne decided it was time to do something about it and get a new pair of adult-sized boobs.

Unfortunately, she went a little overboard when she decided to get basketball-sized breasts. She thought this would solve her problems and even give her a leg up over women with average-sized boobs.

She soon discovered that things are quite different in real life. She confesses to having made the wrong assumption about feminine beauty:

"I've always thought women with curves in the right places are beautiful and for me, a woman should have nice breasts."


Lots Of Attention, Very Little Interest

She also explained that she was certainly getting the attention, although it was not turning into a real interest in her:

"Men stare a lot of course but many are intimidated to actually walk up and talk to me, I think."

"Sometimes it's a bit stressful and it feels like I have to prove myself, that I am a good person with moral standards."

Consequently, finding someone who is serious about her has remained a challenge, even though she would clearly want to be with a good guy:

"It's very difficult for me now to find a serious relationship. I would really like one, but I think I scare some good guys off."

model who spent £30k on surgery can't find a boyfriend because her 'boobs are too big'

Without a doubt, Yvonne is quite brave to share such sensitive details about herself with the world. We should empathize with her considering where she is coming from.

The truth is that society will judge a woman for having large and obviously fake boobs, although they seem like a hit with plastic sex dolls. That is clearly a failure on society's part.

Another myth Yvonne helps debunk is that girls with big boobs are much happier than everyone else. This lady is clear proof that this is hardly the case.

Yes, she gets a lot of second looks, but most of this attention does not translate into a genuine interest in her as a dating candidate, which, ultimately, matters in relationships and romance.


Yvonne Should Serve As A Cautionary Tale

Yvonne helps teach an important lesson to many ladies out there. Clearly, happiness takes a lot more than spending copious amounts of money, having your breasts enlarged.

Although you might look good enough to get people's attention, societal perceptions might leave you deeply unhappy on the inside.

In the end, inner happiness and satisfaction matter the most, and it's the one thing this lady has realized she cannot buy with a boob job.

Hopefully, Yvonne will get lucky and find a good guy who takes her seriously and looks beyond her decision to get porn star-sized boobs.

It surely seems like she has a lot of love within her to offer to the right person. With her confession about what drove her to make this drastic decision, we wouldn't be surprised if she soon gets DMs with serious offers to get into a stable, loving, and fulfilling relationship.

In the meantime, Yvonne should at least take pride in knowing that she did not have the worst boob job ever, as some regretfully women have.