Model Who Had 5 Plastic Surgeries In A Day Had Rotting Nipples Cut Off After They Turned Black And 'Died'

An Instagram model, aged 25, recently disclosed that she had to undergo a nipple removal surgery following a disastrous five-in-one plastic surgery that she had paid $20,000 for. Alejandra Mercedes experienced necrosis in both her areolas as a result of the procedure.

1. Three days after her surgery, her nipples turned black and "died"

After removing the bandages, she was surprised to find out about the necrosis and had to return to the hospital for treatment. A doctor had to use scissors to remove the dead skin.

2. Alejandra had to have an additional corrective procedure

The following surgery aimed to address the breast muscle that had ruptured through her stitches, an unforeseen complication, indeed!

3. Thankfully, she's fully healed since then

Nonetheless, the outcome is not entirely favorable, as she is left with only two centimeters of areola, which cannot be restored. "My lesson from this encounter is that it's better to undergo one surgery at a time," she told Jam Press. "I believe that the necrosis, recovery problems, and pain were all due to my body's inability to heal so many surgical sites simultaneously."

4. Alejandra has written an ebook about her experience to warn others

She aims to share her ordeal with others to prompt caution in their decision-making. "We don't know why it happened to me, but I particularly urge women to think carefully before having multiple surgeries simultaneously, as it places a significant burden on the body to recuperate," she expressed. "After this experience, I do not plan to have any further procedures, except perhaps a cosmetic tattoo to enhance the scars around my nipples."