Model Undergoes $400k Surgery To Restore Smile Ripped Off By Pit Bull

Model Undergoes $400k Surgery To Restore Smile Ripped Off By Pit Bull

On November 3, 2020, Brooklyn Khoury, a pro skater, and model, was brutally attacked by a relative's dog with severe damage to her entire upper lip and nose.

The incident happened while visiting family in Arizona, a day before her first TV commercial, reports BuzzFeed News.

She has reportedly undergone a complex surgery that costs $400,000 to fix the damage and restore her smile.

In a YouTube video released earlier this month, the 22-year old revealed that she had been "in a bad space." In the same video, she told, whispering to the camera, "Oh, I've finally found a doctor... surgery coming up really soon."


The MailOnline reported that Khoury had mixed feelings about the surgery.

She told her fans:

"I'm excited to get surgery to begin to heal again and to work with this doctor. I'm also really sad to kind of stop my life again, to have to heal and go through the whole healing process."

The pro skater explained that going through this surgery is tough because she is often very active, but the surgery will require some inactive time.

In the YouTube video, she also shared clips of her going to consultations and revealed that the surgery was set to take place on November 17.


Explaining details of the surgery, she described it as "a very complex surgery" that requires cutting her arm open to 'take a main artery' that will supply blood to the new skin on her lips and nose.

Khoury had to wait one year to find the right doctor and believes that she found the best who was "well worth the wait."

Describing him, she said:

"My doctor is the best, I finally found a doctor and I'm working with him. He has the best heart, he's literally so open-minded."

In the same video, she recounted how her girlfriend, Chloe Lukasiak, held a small event to mark the first anniversary of the incident.


Khoury said that Chloe gathered her family and friends for a picnic, making it "the best day ever from the worst day that has ever happened" to her.

In her words:

"So, I've had a lot happen this past week. It was November 3, which would mark one year of the accident. Chloe, my wonderful girlfriend literally made the cutest picnic on November 3 and called it happy smile day."

The healing process won't be easy, and Khoury acknowledges that too. She added, "coming out of surgery. I am not going to be able to move my mouth at all." She will also be needing a feeding tube.

Khoury shared what the experience has taught her. She wrote on Instagram:


"This attack has taught me to truly love myself inside and out regardless of what people have to say."

"It taught me that society puts high standards on beauty, but the reality is that everyone is beautiful in their own way."

"It has taught me patience with the way people have reacted towards my story. It has taught me to love, even when I didn't feel it from others."

She intends to share the experience from the hospital and is very grateful to her fans for being with her on this journey, from the dramatic altering that happened to her face to the new face we will all be seeing soon.

She is yet to post an update on how it went. We wish her the very best on the road to recovery.