Model Sets Up Phone In Back Pocket To Film People Staring At Her Bum

Model Alexas Morgan decided to find out how men react when they see her from behind. With a recorder in the right place, this is what she found!

The 24-year-old model was following a TikTok video trend of filming candid reactions as you do your daily chores.

Morgan also posted her video on Instagram and gained over 120.000 likes.

Her bum even got thumbs up

Model from Miami, Florida, slipped her phone into the back pocket of her very tight jeans. But that wasn't enough, so she edited the reactions and did a voice-over.


Addressing the camera at the beginning of the video, Alexas stated:

"I need to perceive the number of gazes my goods get, I will put the camera here."

Some men smiled, others gazed, and the bum even got a thumbs up.

The model's Instagram caption says:

"Which reaction was your fav?"

For many, it was a simple smile of approval from a man sitting in a bar, minding his business, with his black hat. His grinding smile really sums up how most men feel when they see the brunette beauty's behind.


The cleverly edited video, plus men's natural, almost comical admiration, left Instagramers and TikTokers in tears. Users commented on the post:


"It was the last one for me. The man turned his head an entire 180 just to see."

Other Instagram user voted for the last man as well:

"The last one brother broke his spine to look."

model sets up phone in back pocket to film people staring at her bum
model sets up phone in back pocket to film people staring at her bum

We're not big fans of TikTok challenges, though if you check out the hashtag #phoneinbackpocketchallenge, you won't be disappointed. Some videos are dull, others are funny, and just a few are as good as Morgan's.

Emilia Evangeline's experience

Another TikTok user has a pretty great video from the challenge.

Her caption says:

"So I didn't expect this numerous on such a little film."


Her video also started a different conversation. One TikToker asked her if she minds the attention:

"So the question, does it cause you to feel great or feel abnormal, realizing that [people take a gander at you]?"

Emilia answered honestly:

"Piece of both, I lost a ton of weight and still kinda consider myself to be the greater young lady I used to be on the grounds that I ensure what I used to look [like] nobody would have."


Another user was quite frank as well, saying that he's only waiting to see himself staring at one of the videos.

Clearly, Miami model Morgan doesn't mind the attention, nor should she. She was just walking the streets, doing her thing, and the men were admiring her. From behind, but it's a great looking bum, right?