Model Says She's Bullied In The Streets Over Her Naturally Large Chest

Model Says She’s Bullied In The Streets Over Her Naturally Large Chest

Anastasia Berthier, a model and an influencer from Russia, admitted that she was often bullied in the streets because of her naturally large KK-cup breasts.

Her cleavage is a naturally large chest, but nevertheless, complete strangers with issues on their own shamed her repeatedly.

She would just roam around the streets and meet awkward looks and comments coming from people passing by.


How Did It Start?

Back in 2006, her chest used to belong to the A-B cup size, but during her teenage years, they grew to be an E-cup by the time she reached adolescence.

Even then, she was a target for the mean comments.

Her classmates would often shame her with names such as "fatty" or "little piggy" when she was only 11 years old.

Kids can be cruel, and growing up and being called names wasn't just a child's play.


Extra Weight Issues

Anastasia had to deal with growing complexes regarding her extra weight that was a result of constant bullying from her classmates and family.

She decided to go on a diet, choosing extreme ways to do it.

Teenage Problems Led To Anxiety Issues

In high school, bullying only changed its form. While being noticed more by her peers, the anxiety grew bigger after a rumor that Anastasia had sex with a person she didn't.


The story did not end there. It was spread further with juicy details. She was still a virgin and did not know how to fight those mean stories.

Fighting Weight Problems

Besides having anxiety issues and problems growing up and dealing with mean teenagers, family and society constantly reminded her of weight and curves.

It was difficult for her to lose those pounds, so she decided to take prohibited pills that promised her weight loss.


Adulthood Issues

When she left school, the rude comments continued on the streets. They were coming at her from people she had never met, with comments directed mostly at her chest size.

People seemed intimidated by her chest size, which grew up to a KK-size cup. These awkward situations led her to question her self-worth and lose her self-esteem.

Modeling Career

In 2017, she tried out modeling lingerie. During those photoshoots, her confidence grew stronger, and finally, she started to embrace her look and her body.


With over one million followers on social networks, Anastasia Berthier seemed to outgrow those difficulties that followed her for many years.

Accepting Her Body

Once this model and influencer accepted her beauty as unique and became confident with her body shape, she realized how beautiful and special she is.
She understood that imposing standards of beauty are not the only way to be and feel special.


Inspiring Others

She has been sending messages out there to all the girls fighting the same problems. She wants them to be themselves and to love their bodies and take care of a healthy diet and active life.

Accepting yourself as you are is the only way to true happiness and self-love.