Weird Story

Model Says Men Fall All Over Her Until They Find Out Her Real Age

A well-known TikToker has disclosed that she has no difficulty in securing dates, as men are continually pursuing her. Nevertheless, they often lose interest when they discover her actual age and classify her as a "cougar." The woman, who posts on TikTok under the handles @xoprincessalpaca and @princessaprilxo, unveiled that even though she resembles a teenager, she is actually 44 years old.

1. Many Men Aren't Into Women In Their 40s

It's unfortunate, but we live in an ageist society. In a recent video, she revealed that despite looking like a teenager, she's actually 44. "Men like me until I tell them my age...44," she captioned the clip. She also added, "Nobody wants a cougar." It's hard to determine what was more surprising: her age or the fact that men are put off by it.

2. Her Followers Were Absolutely Blown Away

It goes without saying that the woman's revelation of her age and the fact that men were put off by it shocked many of the eight million viewers who watched the clip. However, there were hardly any negative comments.

3. Plenty Of Men Decided To Shoot Their Shot

Several commenters showed their support for the TikToker and emphasized that age is just a number when it comes to dating. One person even pointed out that the men who lose interest may not be mature enough for her, stating, "I don't think those were men, you must know a lot of boys hehe, age is nothing if the woman has a good personality and is true to herself." Another commenter shared similar sentiments, stating, "Age is just a number. What matters is your heart."

4. However, There Was One Guy Who Showed His True Colors

The man's concern was not primarily about her age, but about the possibility of starting a family with her. "They still like you but think about wanting children not possible with you anymore," he wrote. While there are ways for women in their 40s to have children, it's understandable that he may want to explore other options.

5. Of Course, Many People Don't Actually Believe Her

It's easy to make claims online without any real evidence to back them up, so it's not surprising that some people were skeptical of her age. In fact, some detractors refused to believe that she was actually 44. This skepticism is reinforced by the fact that in a previous video posted a few months ago, she claimed to be 33 and attributed her relationship problems to being a divorcee. It's impossible to know for sure how old she really is.