Model Passes Out While Joining The Mile High Club Due To 'Sweltering' Plane Cabin

Camila Elle, a 22-year-old model from Florida, recently joined the mile-high club with her boyfriend but it didn't turn out as planned. Due to the high temperatures in the aircraft cabin, she ended up passing out mid-romp. She regained consciousness soon after and was able to check off this item from her bucket list.

1. Elle And Her Boyfriend Were In Vegas When They Decided To Give It A Go

According to Elle, it was always her desire to have sex while flying, but she found it difficult to make it happen. She elaborated, "I've always wanted to join the mile-high club but unless you're in first or business class on a passenger plane it always seems quite tricky and a bit gross."

2. They Ended Up Renting Their Own Plane For The Occasion

The couple was able to locate a company in Las Vegas that specializes in helping couples join the mile-high club. After having some drinks, they boarded a small plane with only the pilot for company.

3. The Air Conditioning In The Plane Was Broken

The temperature inside the aircraft became unbearable after the door was closed, due to the scorching heat outside.

"The air conditioning had broken in the plane so we were both sweating like mad as soon as the door shut," Elle recalled.

"The plane itself was actually pretty small, only really enough space for a mattress, and there was just a fabric curtain between us and the pilot. He wore noise-canceling headphones but as we got going I'm positive he could feel all of the movements."

4. She Passed Out Because The Sex Was So Good

"One minute we were going for it and I came so hard and then fainted underneath my boyfriend," she revealed. "When I came round a few seconds later he was going mad trying to wake me up. We both really enjoyed the experience, [and] we'll definitely be going up again!"