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Model Delayed Flight For 30 Minutes So She Could Finish Eating Oysters

model delayed flight for 30 minutes so she could finish eating oysters

This 'entitled' social media influencer caused a flight to delay for 30 minutes because she wanted to finish eating her oysters.

Ruby Tuesday Matthews was due to fly from Byron Bay to Sydney, Australia, via Jetstar airliner. However, a technical issue caused the flight to delay.

The airline then told passengers to wait in the terminal until an engineer sorted the issue.

Ruby and her travel companion, however, left the airport to grab a bite at a nearby fancy restaurant. And they didn't have any plans on hurrying back to make the flight on time.

model delayed flight for 30 minutes so she could finish eating oysters

While everyone else had boarded and ready to go after two hours delay, Ruby and her friend kept them waiting for 30 minutes longer.

When Ruby eventually walked back to the plane, other passengers yelled a whole bevy of insults.

Footage from inside the plane showed travelers yelling at her, 'how were the oysters?' and 'it's a good day to be pretty.'

Following the incident, Ruby slammed the airline for allowing other passengers to 'bully' her.

She claimed:

"I was basically bullied by about seven to 10 to 14 people at different times. No Jetstar staff stopped this at any time. I copped it hard for about 15 minutes."

"I was scared for myself because number one, I was by myself...number two, no one else who was later than me copped any abuse. It was just me alone."

She added:

"This is so minor this s***. I actually think it's a joke, and it's annoying that it has to waste so much of my time."

"Jetstar made a complete joke of themselves. They let that harassment happen."

Jetstar, however, responded that they had 'kept customers informed' amid the delay.

They also insisted that they had asked them 'not to leave the airport should the flight be able to get away ahead of the revised time.'

But Ruby claimed there were other passengers who also left the airport and arrived after the rescheduled departure time.

She also said she was concerned about her two kids after passengers made comments about her parenting skills.

She added that she can 'handle the heat,' but what annoys her the most is if someone says mean things about her kids.

But as per reports, her kids weren't with her on the plane at the time.