MMA Fighter Sprays Urine In His Opponent's Face During Their Weigh-In (VIDEO)

mma fighter sprays urine in his opponent’s face during their weigh-in (video)

It's no secret that MMA opponents are often not each other's biggest fans. However, a Filipino MMA fighter, Kiko Matos, went a little further by spraying his opponent, Baros Heisler, with urine during a weigh-in.

After the disgusting gesture, their upcoming encounter is likely to be quite brutal, even by MMA standards.

When the fighters were doing their weigh-ins, Matos brought a concealed spray bottle filled with urine. He waited for the perfect moment before whipping it out and spraying the filthy contents on his opponent's face.


Here's the video:

You certainly don't see that every day, and this could go down in history as one of the messiest pre-match encounters ever.

It's A Great Way To Mess With An Opponent's Mind

According to some people, this is a perfect way to mess with an opponent's mind before the actual fight takes place. After all, since he was sprayed with urine in his face, Baros Heisler probably has nothing else to think about but the shocking show of disrespect.


The psychological torture might give Matos an upper hand in the subsequent duel. However, things might also go the other way and make Baros particularly inclined to do a lot of damage and get even when the two finally step into the ring.

Clearly, the unexpected treatment got Baros unawares. Even his attempt at trash talk afterward did not seem to have the effect he would have expected.


At first, he got out of the way to avoid getting himself soaked in piss. At this point, someone tries to get the bottle of urine off Mikos' hands.

When Baros comes back, he is clearly upset by what just happened and tries to insult his opponent saying:

"You smell like shit! You eat shit!"

However, Mikos hardly seems bothered by this trash talk as he picks up his T-shirt and takes off, almost too casually, after a brief shouting match.


I suppose it is not that easy to come up with a line that beats getting piss sprayed directly into your face.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, such antics have been witnessed at weigh-ins before. Some people think these pre-match confrontations make for a much better fight when the fighters finally get inside the ring.