Mitchelle Blair, The Woman Who Killed Her Children And Put Them In A Freezer For 3 Years

Mitchelle Blair, The Woman That Killed Her Children And Put Them In A Freezer For 3 Years

Mitchelle Blair, a single mom of four, killed her two children in the most cold-blooded manner and claimed they deserved it. Take a look to find out the reason she gave in court.

Mitchelle Blair was a dedicated and loving mom to the world, but behind that facade, a monster lived. She had four children and no supporting partner. In 2015, she was going to be evicted from her home because of her rent.

On the eviction day, Mitchelle Blair was not at home- she was in the neighborhood for a babysitting job. A crew went into her house and started moving things out. What happened next was beyond everyone's imagination.

From a house eviction to a bloody discovery!

Inside Mitchelle Blair's freezer was the body of her two children. Her 13-year-old daughter, Stoni, was found wrapped in a plastic bag, and her 9-year-old son, Stephen, was right underneath her.

The most shocking thing was that they had been inside that freezer for three years!

After Mitchelle was found and questioned, she was arrested for murder.

Mitchelle Blair's Household

Mitchelle Blair, The Woman That Killed Her Children And Put Them In A Freezer For 3 Years

Nobody knew what was going on in the Blair household. She withdrew her children from the public school two years before and claimed they were homeschooled. Since there was not any law for the claim to be confirmed, nobody did.

Her neighbors never knew what was going on in that house. To them, Mitchelle Blair was a hardworking mother who had to take care of four children due to their absentee fathers. They hadn't seen her last children for years but believed they were now staying with their aunt since that was what Mitchelle told everyone. No one could have guessed the absolute truth.

Mitchelle Blair, The Woman That Killed Her Children And Put Them In A Freezer For 3 Years

Dorsey, the father of Stoni and her eldest daughter (pictured), said his eldest daughter told him the same story about Stoni being with their aunt when he came to visit, so he didn't suspect anything. Later, he found out she was doing what her mother instructed for fear of the same predicament.

Dorsey, just like everyone else, found out his daughter was murdered after the eviction by a call from a reporter.

Her other baby daddy, Berry(Stephen and her eldest son's dad), was so shocked that he hung up and didn't pick the call a second time.

Mitchelle Blair on Trial

Mitchelle Blair, The Woman That Killed Her Children And Put Them In A Freezer For 3 Years

In the trial, Mitchelle started to weave a stunning story of sexual abuse between her children. She told the presiding judge precisely how she tortured, starved, beat, and eventually killed her two children, Stoni Blair (13) and Stephen Berry (9).

Looking dead into the eyes of her murdered children's fathers, she gave a bone-chilling account of the last moments of her children's lives.

Her two children, Stephen and Stoni, were sexually abusing her last son, Matthew. She discovered this when she caught Matthew playing with a doll sexually.

Mitchelle Blair was angry, so she asked him where he learned it from, and he said his brother, Stephen, taught him.

She called the police and asked them what might occur if a more older child was abusing a younger one using the famous line, " I am asking for a friend.". When she was told that her children would be immediately removed from their home while an investigation was carried out, she hung up the phone without giving any further details.

Mitchelle Blair, The Woman That Killed Her Children And Put Them In A Freezer For 3 Years

Mitchelle Blair made up her mind to deal with it her way, and what she thought was the best answer was torturing and killing her son. The horrors he went through during the two weeks of torture are too horrible to even speak of understanding.

She stood him in the bath of their Detroit condo and poured hot water from the tap over her kid child's privates.

The water was so hot that it quickly melted and wounded the skin from his genital region and legs, and afterward folded a plastic staple sack over his head, choking out him.

She physically abused him for days and wrapped a belt around his neck, lifting him from his feet and choking him until he became unconscious.

Then after she was certain he was unconscious, she would bring him down to the floor and smack his face until he woke up.

She made Stephen drink Windex because she claimed Matthew told her that Stephen made him drink "the blue stuff under the sink."

But that wasn't the end of the torture. Mitchelle Blair starved Stephen and just fed him some oats and vegetables during the last fourteen days of his life.

After two weeks of torture, Stephen gave up, and he was confirmed dead.

Mitchelle Blair

Although Mitchelle Blair explained she didn't mean to kill Stephen, she didn't feel she did something wrong. In her mind, Stephen was a demon, so he deserved to die the way he did. To her, she did him a favor as she wrapped his lifeless body in his favorite blanket and dropped him into the deep freezer. This happened in 2012.

Nine months after the brutal homicide of her child, Blair did almost the same thing to Stoni. Blair discovered that Stoni was raping her youngest brother Matthew. She tortured her daughter for two days, starving and brutally beating her. This time, she said, she planned to kill her.

She stood Stoni in the bath, requesting that Matthew tell her how Stoni had dealt with him. Each time Matthew recounted to his mom another story, she reacted by beating Stoni.

She poured hot water on her little girl's body, hit her in the head, her tailbone, and lower part of her back "extremely hard" with a stick, then punched her with her fists.

At last, Mitchelle put a plastic bag over the head of her little girl and a shirt around her neck and choked the life out of her 13-year-old child. When Stoni was dead, she joined her sibling in the freezer where she put her son and even made her oldest daughter assist her with the body and continued to leave like everything was okay.

Guilty as charged

Mitchelle Blair, The Woman That Killed Her Children And Put Them In A Freezer For 3 Years

Mitchelle Blair wasn't remorseful at all. When the presiding judge asked her questions about her children, she proudly announced in court that she had no regrets over her actions.

In her words, "I killed those demons, and I would do it again." She told the judge, "They had no remorse for what they did to my son. There was no other option."

The prosecutor in charge of the case stated that they found no evidence of rape on any of her children.

On the bodies of her two surviving children, several scars and injuries were discovered, including looped-shaped scars on her 8-year-old son's buttocks and back.

They received medical examinations immediately after their siblings' bodies were discovered, and the endless abuse they faced throughout their childhood by their mother was confirmed.

The judge, Edward Joseph, terminated Mitchelle Blair's parental rights of the surviving two children and saw to it that the children were put up for adoption by Child Protective Services.

Mitchelle Blair was charged with two counts of first-degree premeditated murder in July 2015 without the possibility of parole.