Missing, Unidentified, Unclaimed, We Won't Forget About You

missing, unidentified, unclaimed, we won’t forget about you

Over 600,000 people go missing each year in the United States. In Australia, more than 38,000 persons are missing each year. Nearly 10 000 people disappear without a trace in Europe each year. It is a number for you, but for some families, it is a nightmare.

NamUs, Doe network,, HelpIDMe, The Charly Project, are nonprofit organizations(except Namus, which is under the US Department of Justice). All these organizations have the same mission, return the missing to their families and give Jane Doe, John Doe, and Baby Doe their names back.

These organizations expose the cases of missing, unidentified, unclaimed persons on their website to seek our help. Those organizations are made of scientists, retired police officers, detectives, deputy coroners, psychologists, volunteers. They all work hand in hand to resolve the cases, and sometimes they need our help.

Our help can be precious to these workers and those families who need answers. Those same families that live with broken hearts every single day.What if he, she, was your child, your sibling, your parent? Any help can potentially bring change.

How can you help?

You can help online. You can submit a potential match between a missing person and an unidentified one.

One missing case can have many matches. Submit them directly on their websites or by email. If you need more information about a case, you can check those different organizations because they complete each other.

Use the help of social media. They work together with organizations by creating groups, pages about missing people. People on social media don't stop sharing posts of the missing, unidentified, unclaimed adults and children no matter when they went missing. Thanks to social media, you can find some relatives of unclaimed persons.

Some of you can recognize the tattoos on unidentified persons. You can see a missing person in the streets, at a restaurant, anywhere. If you have any information concerning those cases, don't hesitate to contact the authorities. Any information can help and can bring closure to families.

Workers, technology, knowledge, forensic science, and of course, volunteers, when they work together, can create success. Many missing adults and children are found quickly.

Cold case

missing, unidentified, unclaimed, we won't forget about you

The meaning of a cold case is an unsolved criminal investigation (homicide or abduction) that has stopped being actively pursued due to lack of evidence. When a person is missing for more than one year, we talk about a cold case.

This is a reason why these organizations do exist. They want Jane Does, John Does, and Baby Does to have their names back. They want families to get answers. A lot of adults and children Doe have been identified. They are still many of them who don't have a name, but there's no giving up. Everybody is still working hard to find their identity, bring a name to a nameless.

To the missing men, women, and children, you are not forgotten

missing, unidentified, unclaimed, we won't forget about you

1 year, 12 months, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes, 3133600 seconds, every day, every night, all the time, families crave their missing ones. Can you imagine how many families live with this heartache every day for years? It is important to help, and a simple act of kindness can make a tremendous impact on a person's life.

To the missing men, women, and children, you are not forgotten.

We should all be grateful to all these organizations for their work and to all the people who try to help via volunteering or sharing on social media.

To you, Laure and S... I will always miss you, and I will never forget about you.