Missing Teen Found Dismembered & Doused In Lye After Phone Is Traced To Sex Offender's Home

In November, a Virginia teenager who had been missing for over a week was discovered deceased and dismembered, with their remains buried in a shallow grave.

On November 2, Cion Carroll, a 17-year-old from Virginia, went missing from his grandmother's home in Kenbridge. He was found dead in Kenbridge on November 11, and according to WRIC, his cell phone was last traced to a known sex offender's residence in the town.


Carroll's mother told the news outlet that both of her son's cell phones were turned off at the time of his disappearance. The family also claimed that they had informed the police of his last known location, but authorities reportedly declined to search the area due to a lack of evidence.

Cion Carroll's body was discovered in a shallow grave, and his death is being investigated as a homicide.


"His cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head and spine. He was dismembered. Then lye was poured on him and cement. And he was buried in a shallow grave," Carroll's mother revealed to WRIC.

The Virginia State Police informed WRIC that they do not have any new information to release about the case at this time, but the investigation into Cion Carroll's death is ongoing.

Cion Carroll's mother commented on the tragedy, stating that her son did not deserve what happened to him and that it is unbearable to have no answers about his death. She also mentioned that her son was only 17 years old.