The turtleneck season is upon us, and what better way to keep ourselves warm than buying a matching set of jumpers for you and your beloved pooch?

With the holiday season approaching fast, it means one thing. It’s time for sweater weather. This winter season makes the perfect excuse to go all out on roll necks. And we are not referring to those ugly Christmas sweaters. NO!

We are talking about knitwear that is much more adorable, cozy, and acceptable.

Thankfully, one fashion brand called Missguided has launched its own range of roll-necks to keep us and our pups snug and stylish this Christmas.

missguided is selling matching christmas roll-neck jumpers for you and your dog

Although matching dog owner outfits have previously veered on the side of naff in the past, with H$M and Pringle of Scotland recently launching a similar fashion, these cozy turtlenecks are surprisingly chicly.

And we can’t blame these retailers. Who doesn’t want to match their lovable Labrador?

As pet lovers, we’re always looking into how to keep our fur babies warm during the winter. And these knitted roll neck jumpers from Missguided will surely help you and your pup combat the chill.

With prices starting at just £12, the sweet dog-size knits are available in a variety of sizes, including small, medium, and large. So, it doesn’t matter how big your pooch is.

And to make this fashion evergreen, Missguided knit ups aren’t only for the festive season. You can buy a classic white roll neck and a chic camel kit for you and your pet. And you can wear them all during many upcoming winters.

According to the retailer, small-sized jumpers are designed to fit dogs like chihuahuas, mini dachshunds, and Yorkies.

missguided is selling matching christmas roll-neck jumpers for you and your dog

The medium size roll necks are more likely to fit breeds such as Jack Russells, border terriers, mini schnauzers, small pugs, mini poodles, King Charles Cavaliers and smaller cocker spaniels.

The larger size jumpers will be the perfect cold season knit for West Highland white terriers, larger cocker spaniels, and beagles.

At just £12, you can buy the camel version or the white option knit ups.

The human jumpers have a higher price. A piece costs £25, and they come in size 6 to 18. Luckily, all these roll necks knit ups are currently available on the Missguided website.

However, if these pieces are not festive enough for you and your pup, the retailer is also selling Christians pudding knit and stripped reindeer hoodie in dog sizes only.

Therefore, whatever the size of your four-legged baby, they won’t miss out on this new fashion craze.