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Miss Puerto Rico And Miss Argentina Star In Advert For Fenty Perfume

In an advertisement for Fenty Beauty's inaugural perfume, two beauty queens who shocked the world by disclosing their love for each other have shared more about their relationship.

After a clandestine romance that lasted for two years, Miss Argentina Mariana Varela, aged 26, and Miss Puerto Rico Fabiola Valentin, aged 22, tied the knot to the amazement of fans. The couple met during the Miss Grand International pageant in Thailand in 2020.

They took to their Instagram accounts earlier this month to post a video clip titled "Come Smell Me," which serves as an advertisement for Rihanna's fragrance.

In the video, the affectionate couple can be heard talking about the progression of their love story since their initial encounter.

Additionally, they discuss the "woodsy" scent of the fragrance named Fenty Eau de Parfum, and in the romantic footage, they can be spotted sharing a kiss during a sunset.

The footage features the two women reminiscing about their initial encounter in Thailand during the pageant, where they felt an instant connection and quickly became "inseparable" despite being rivals.

"Everything kept flowing, and turning into this beautiful friendship. Which has grown now even more as wives, as a couple, and that is magical, to find someone like that in your life," one can be heard saying in Spanish in the clip.

Furthermore, the couple disclosed that they had affectionate nicknames for one another, with one partner referring to the other as "my little chocolate."

Towards the end of the video, Mariana urges Fabiola to "come smell me," alluding to the Fenty advertising campaign for the fragrance.

Mariana leans in for a kiss and inquires whether Fabiola enjoys the fragrance, prompting her wife to respond with a giggle and confirm her fondness for it, as the Fenty logo is displayed on the screen.

Sharing the ad on her account, Fabiola wrote: "What a special [thing] it was to work for the Fenty eau de parfum fragrance with my #FentyParfumPartner @marianajvarela."

"It's beautiful when two bodies come together with love," she added.

On February 10th, Fenty, which is under the ownership of Rihanna, made an announcement regarding the launch of their new perfume.

Mariana and Fabiola crossed paths as rivals at the 2020 Miss Grand International contest, but eventually their relationship evolved into a romantic one, with both women making it to the top ten.

Mariana and Fabiola are renowned for their stunning appearances, both in the spotlight of competition and on social media. Not only do they possess impeccable fashion sense, but they also have an impressive track record of winning various prestigious titles.

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Mariana has a whopping 138,000 followers on Instagram, where she flaunts her enviable physique, modeling gigs, and exotic getaways.

Having participated in numerous beauty pageants, the model went on to win the titles of Miss Universe Argentina in 2019, and Miss Grand Argentina the following year.

At the 2020 Miss Grand International contest, where both Mariana and Fabiola made it to the top ten, the two lovebirds first encountered each other and felt a connection amidst the glitz and glamour of the event.

The newlyweds' paths had many parallels that led them both to the pageant stage, where they dazzled audiences with their full glam looks, expressed their deep love for their respective countries, and most importantly, found love in each other's company.

Although they didn't emerge as winners of the competition, Mariana and Fabiola won each other's hearts while seemingly participating together in the preliminary round. This is the segment of the contest where contestants showcase their catwalk skills in elegant evening gowns and swimsuits.

Although their bond started to grow during the competition, it was towards the end of the contest that Mariana and Fabiola seemingly developed romantic feelings for each other.

According to reports, it was during the final show of the competition when Mariana and Fabiola made a connection and fell in love with each other, while also being among the top ten finalists.

In the final show, the contestants exhibit their unique talents, perform a dance routine, deliver a speech, and participate in close interview sessions, where the President of Miss Grand International asks them probing questions about their personalities and viewpoints.

Although they were initially attracted to each other when they first met, it was during the close interview sessions that Mariana and Fabiola won each other's hearts by learning more about their innermost thoughts and getting to know each other on a deeper level.

Following the conclusion of the Miss Grand International contest, Mariana and Fabiola have often shared posts of each other on social media, initially labeling their relationship as that of "just friends."

Both Mariana and Fabiola continuously expressed their adoration for one another on their individual Instagram profiles, even going as far as to say they felt "blessed" to have each other in their lives.

Their first post together was in April 2021, featuring the two models embracing each other in the water and strolling hand in hand in Thailand.

Fabiola was the first one to post about their relationship, captioning the pictures of them cuddled up in the water.

Despite being in a romantic relationship, Mariana and Fabiola kept their status under wraps and continued to refer to each other as "friends" in their social media posts.

In August 2021, Fabiola sent a heartfelt birthday message to her now-spouse, expressing her desire to maintain their friendship forever.

To wish her partner a happy birthday, Fabiola penned the following message: "Thank you for making me part of your life and accomplice of your happiness."

"You are a priceless treasure and I hope to keep our friendship forever."

Despite their efforts to keep their relationship low-key, their social media posts gradually became more suggestive, hinting at a romantic connection between them.

Several months after her touching birthday post, Fabiola shared a photo of the two friends-turned-lovers on her Instagram.

The couple was pictured snuggled up on the beach with waves crashing behind them, and they even shared a photo of them lying on each other. Despite this, their followers still questioned whether their relationship was purely platonic.

One month later, Fabiola shared the same set of pictures and expressed her gratitude for having Mariana in her life, concluding her caption with the words, "I love you."

In December 2021, Mariana traveled to Fabiola's hometown of Puerto Rico and spent time with Fabiola and her in-laws.

The two hinted once again about their relationship in March 2022 by posting another set of pictures, this time showing them out and about, with their faces touching and wide grins on their faces.

They announced last fall that they had secretly gotten married, disclosing that they had been in a "private" relationship for two years.

Last year, the beauty queens and models confirmed their relationship and marriage through a joint Instagram reel that was shared with their combined 245,000 followers.

The couple announced their marriage in a joint Instagram reel which featured snippets of their relationship over the course of two years.

The 30-second video showcased the couple, who got married on October 28, traveling together and cuddling on Jobos beach in Puerto Rico, as well as enjoying a romantic boat ride in Mexico.

The video, which had over 2.1 million views, was captioned, "After deciding to keep our relationship private, we opened the doors to them on a special day." They also shared footage of their magical engagement night.

The couple's engagement was fit for two queens, with red and white balloons, rose petals, fairy lights, and gold balloons that read "Marry Me?"

In the video, Fabiola is seen slipping a beautiful engagement ring onto Mariana's finger.

The rings of the couple are almost similar with cushion-cut diamonds on a pavé band.

The video concludes with the two of them sharing a kiss outside of the Marriage Bureau in San Juan.

Mariana chose a chic white blazer paired with black dress pants, while Fabiola kept it fun in a white blazer dress with a fringed skirt.

The touching reel received more than 166,000 likes, and fans quickly filled the comments section with congratulations for the newlyweds.