Miss Croatia Slammed For "Disrespectful" Outfits Dons Risky Dress To See Ronaldo

Ivana Knoll, who previously won the Miss Croatia title, has been in many controversies over her fashion choices at the World Cup. More importantly, she is not interested in taking things down a notch.

She has already been labeled the 2022 World Cup's sexiest fan.

Over the weekend, she created a buzz after she was seen wearing a G-string. This goes against the conservative dressing rules in Qatar.

In the match between Croatia and Morocco, she showed up dressed in a risque outfit. During the second half of the game, she put on a plunging dress.

Modesty seems like the least of her concerns as she enjoys the World Cup. In a different game, she was wearing a low-cut top featuring the colors of her country as she supported her team.

She also wore double denim and colorful red lipstick.

In the game between Portugal and Uruguay, she quickly changed her outfit and put on a national team jersey.

From the look of things, fans should expect her daring fashion choices to continue. The 30-year-old also asked Qatari authorities to respect her life choices.

While talking to the media, she said:

"First I was thinking if the World Cup is happening there, they will allow us everything to make it comfortable for all fans without any of the restrictions."

Knoll was in shock on hearing the country's dress code rules which did not allow the showing of shoulders, bellies, knees, and other parts of the body. She felt she did not even have enough clothes to cover up "all of that."

She found the rules offensive because Europe respects the hijab and niqab yet they were not willing to return the favor and respect other cultures and religions.

The model said she was simply there to enjoy the World Cup.

Eventually, she found out that they were not making a big deal out of clothing choices. People could wear whatever they liked unless in government buildings.