Miracle Teenager Survives On His Own For Almost 6 Hours With No Wi-Fi

Miracle Teenager Survives On His Own For Almost 6 Hours With No Wi-fi

'Miracle' teenager survived for almost 6 hours without an internet connection.

In what has been termed a 'miracle,' a teenager from Waterford survived in his home alone without internet Wi-Fi for almost 6 hours.

David Gowan, 16-years-old, was found in a distressed state after spending hours trying to connect to the internet.

He was found walking through the Dungarvan neighborhood with his Samsung Galaxy smartphone above his head in search of a Wi-Fi signal. He was even muttering incoherently.

Emergency services were immediately notified about the teen situation, and they brought him to a nearby Starbucks to hook up some Wi-Fi.

It's not clear what had happened to the teenager that led him to be left without an internet connection for such a long time.

The search for David's parents began with fears that there might be other children suffering a similar situation to that of David's.

Amazed by the incidence, one of the members of Waterford's child protection services said:

"David survived without access to any social media or video sharing sites for the better part of an afternoon."

"No GIFs, no memes, no porn. It's incredible to see him in such good condition, considering what he went through. There's grown adults who can't go without internet for that long, let alone teenagers. God love him like, he didn't even see the new Star Wars trailer yet."

However, David was not available for an interview.

Rumors were circulating that the poor teenager had lost his ability to speak in any means other than his standard English, having survived for such a long time without using emoji.

Hearing about the teenager's incidence, one person commented on Sott news outlet:

"Oh, the horror of it. Those parents need to be charged with at least misdemeanor neglect!"

Another wrote:

"We need to have more incidents like this!"

"I go without Wi-Fi or internet service 10 hours a day at work every day. Not that it's not available; my phone just can't connect to the network for some odd reason..."

"But hey! I'm still alive to tell about it. Without having any panic attacks, insecurity, anxiety, depression, or suicidal tendencies."

"It is a bit annoying sometimes, though."