Mind Detectives: You Can't Lie To An Empath Because They Already Know The Truth

Mind Detectives: You Can’t Lie To An Empath Because They Already Know The Truth

Hiding the truth from an empath is almost impossible. They have this strange ability to tell when you're being sincere and when you're hiding behind a pile of lies. They can read emotions, your way of speaking, and more to discern the truth. Being around them can make you feel uneasy. It's also not all smooth for them. They are usually looking for honesty from those around them which they rarely get. Here are reasons empaths are so good at detecting lies.

They can tell when you're not being yourself

Wearing a mask around an empath is all futile. They can detect it from a mile away and see your hidden true self. The best thing to do when around them is to avoid wearing a false facade because they will see through it anyway.

They will know you're faking it

Feeling jealous of another person but faking a smile? An empath will find out that you're not sincere. They will see through the fake smile and know you have a different heart underneath. While you may have succeeded in deceiving others, it may not be possible when it comes to these kinds of people.

They will know when something is troubling you

Never think of saying to an empath that you're okay when you're not. They will know right away that you've got an issue that you're not being open about. You need to understand that they are caring and trustworthy people. Being frank with them is better than hiding the truth from their discerning minds.

They can see more than your outward behavior

You cannot fool an empath by doing things just to please them. They can see beyond your actions and tell whether or not it's out of a sincere heart. Trying to hide the tough life you're going through by being nice won't work. You'd better open your heart to them.

They can spot a negative person

Empaths dislike drama and negativity. They will recognize it if you're the sort of person who thrives on chaos and they'll avoid you like the plague. If you find them not wanting to be around you, just know that they cannot stand your attitude and temperament. Don't even ask how or when they came to know about it; they can do so instantly.

They hear more than what you say

Empaths can read the tone of your voice, the hesitations, and other cues to know more about your hidden thoughts. They can use that to tell whether you're being truthful or not. Not only that but even when you decide to say nothing at all. They will still understand the reason behind your silence.

Despite their inherent abilities to read people's minds, empaths are good people to be friends with. You only need to be open and sincere towards them so they don't doubt you. Once empaths are sure you're not hiding anything from them, they can be one of the best people to relate with. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and they end up feeling hurt by the insincere actions of the people they meet in their lives. It leads to unnecessarily complicated relationships between them and other people.