Millions Of Women Have A Bedroom Kink Most Men Don't Know


Currently, a sexual fetish is gaining popularity, and personally, I fully support it.

Although it may appear terribly self-absorbed, somewhat narcissistic, and possibly even shameless to confess, there's a phenomenon known as the 'Praise kink' that has garnered a staggering 60 million views on TikTok, indicating that I'm not the only one who finds it appealing.

This kink pertains to individuals who derive sexual pleasure from being praised, particularly in the bedroom. If you share my enthusiasm for being called a 'good girl' by your partner during intimate moments, then you are a member of the 'praise kink' community, and you're certainly not alone.

People within this community often enjoy hearing other popular expressions of praise, such as 'You're doing an excellent job', 'Your breasts look fantastic from this perspective', 'You're extremely skilled at that', and 'Darling, you feel incredible.' I must admit, those are the kinds of things that arouse me, but many others within the community share similar preferences.

As individuals who enjoy being praised, we 'praise kink-ers' are not limited to seeking affirmation solely in the bedroom. During a recent conversation with a friend, she revealed that she felt aroused when a guy she was going on a second date with gave her a standing ovation upon seeing her in a stunning outfit. The genuine praise she received was immensely gratifying and the ensuing reaction was certainly worth the standing ovation.

Fortunately, my long-distance partner frequently compliments my appearance, causing a surge of serotonin every time. (On a side note, I find the term 'lover' rather distasteful, but that's essentially what he is to me). At times, he'll answer the phone with a deep, seductive voice and simply say, 'Hello, beautiful,' which drives me absolutely wild. I become a swooning, incoherent mess because I'm on a high from my praise kink.

Such moments of praise serve as a reminder that your partner is fully present and attentive to you in that moment, and who wouldn't appreciate that? It's akin to being worshipped, isn't it?

I firmly believe that this is a kink that everyone should embrace. We're no longer fixating on guys who play hard to get or ignore our texts; instead, we're getting turned on by those who genuinely adore us, showering us with affectionate terms like 'baby' and making us feel like a million bucks. Good riddance to bad boys - they're so last year. The new year is all about embracing praise men. Let's make that clear, shall we?

The beauty of this kink lies in the fact that it doesn't necessitate a consent clause, which we all know is vital when experimenting with new fetishes in the bedroom. Your only responsibility is to give praise.

In a recent conversation with a friend, she revealed that whenever she discusses her day with her boyfriend and he casually says 'good girl', she feels an intense urge to rip off his clothes and make love to him right then and there. I pondered over it for a moment and had to agree - there's nothing quite as arousing as a man incorporating a bit of praise kink into an everyday conversation. I recall a male friend once did it to me, and it completely changed the way I viewed him in a tantalizing way.

I've also realized that it's incredibly alluring to offer praise, rather than simply receiving it. For instance, when things get steamy between you and your partner, why not dish out a compliment yourself? You'll notice how your partner lights up upon hearing that they're amazing in bed. Not only do they feel cherished, but they also become more invested in the experience. It's a win-win situation, if you ask me.

If you're interested in trying it out, why not start small? Begin by calling your partner 'baby,' expressing how much you enjoy it when they perform a particular move you like, or sending them a sweet text. Or, take a cue from my friend's date and give your partner a well-deserved standing ovation next time they look stunning.

Unlike other kinks that may require specific skills or a visit to an adult store, the praise kink is incredibly easy to do. All you need is a good vocabulary and the right attitude. And if you're a guy with a deep, sexy voice, well, you might just earn some bonus points. Va va voom!