Millionaire Mom Moves To A 6-acre Farm And Homeschools Kids To Avoid OnlyFans Hate

Sara Blake started the OnlyFans account in November 2020. The mom-of-four had the help of her husband, Matt Cheek.

Soon, the 31-year-old Sara became an OnlyFans sensation, making $30k a month for her provocative content.

The couple and their children lived in Tampa, Florida, but as soon as the community found out how the family makes end meet, they turned against Sara.

Things got so bad that she was banned from attending her children's sports events.

Now, Sara, Matt, 38, Chandler, 10, Camden, nine, Corey, seven, and Carson, three, live on a remote farm where they can enjoy days without being judged.

Sara said the family does not regret moving or homeschooling, and she hopes to encourage women to "own their sexuality."

Sara explained:

"I was devastated. I've always felt very comfortable with my sexuality, and if people want to pay to see that, why wouldn't I let them?"

While Sara was banned from some events, Matt did not have a great time either. He had to listen to others saying ugly things about his wife.

Sara spoke about their working process:

"Matt will take the kids on a field trip, or we will wait until they're asleep and make content at night. We spend about six hours a day creating content."

The children know that mom does "sexy" modeling, though they are too young to know the details.

The mother of four believes that honesty is the best policy:

"I have always felt like it is important for me to be honest with them, to build that trust relationship."

"I have been bullied and discriminated against because of my career. What I do doesn't affect others."

Sara is a millionaire now, and there's no stopping her:

"I've overcome a lot. I will continue to be a driving force in this industry."

"I want to be an example for other mums so they can embrace what they are. We don't get a handbook when it comes to motherhood – it's okay to write your own."

We hope the best is yet to come for Sara, Matt, and their children!