Millennials Are Having Half As Many Orgasms As Older Women But Twice The Sex

The ultimate goal in any sexual encounter is a climax. Many would like to have a mind-blowing orgasm every time things get hot and heavy. But for millennial women, this seems to be a problem, especially when compared to women from earlier generations.

1.Despite having sex twice as regularly as older generations, millennials are having half as many orgasms!

Like everyone else, you are probably wondering what is going on here. This is curious indeed and also worrying. But this is the tough reality revealed by a study done on 2,100 subjects aged between 18 and 70 years.

2. Sex is not as rewarding for millennials

While it is certainly impressive that almost 40% of women between the ages of 18 and 25 are having sex two times a week, it is puzzling that only about 36% of them are having an orgasm every time it happens. To put the grim reality of this fact into perspective, around 63% of women over 45 years of age were having an orgasm whenever they had sex.

3. Millennials are not as happy with their sex lives as older people

In the study, it was discovered that 16% of the people between 46 and 50 and 14% of people between 51 and 55 thought their sex lives were a perfect 10. That is certainly great. However, for the millennials, only 11% of those under 25 were completely happy with their sex lives. The percentage was even less for 31 to 35-year-olds, whereby only 10% were completely happy with their sex lives.

4. Millennials have different needs

The study also discovered that there was a vast difference in the motivations that made millennials have sex. Unlike older generations, which sought to establish deeper connections through sexual encounters, millennials did it to have a good time. This might be the reason these people are not enjoying sex as much given the well-documented benefits it has to offer beyond physical pleasure.

5. Millennials see sex as a self-esteem booster

A worrying 47% of millennials aged 25 and below said that trying to get a boost to their self-esteem was the reason they were having sex. For the people of between 25 and 44, only 35% had sex for this reason alone. For the people over 45 years, only 22% were having sex to boost their self-esteem. This might have plenty to say as to why millennials are having less satisfying sex than their older counterparts.

6. It could be that millennials don’t have as much experience as older generations

While it is considered a good thing that millennials are having more sex than older generations, at least according to experts, it could be that their skills are still not up to par. What does this mean? This shows that millennials might have a thing or two to learn from older people in order to have more satisfying sexual lives. This should reasonably result in them having more orgasms and satisfaction from sex. The reason people over 45 years might be enjoying sex more might be because they know more.