Weird Story

Military Officer Who 'Motorboated' Subordinate At Promotion Ceremony Allowed To Retire

According to Army Times, despite being convicted during a general court-martial for "motorboating" a subordinate officer during a promotion ceremony while deployed in Jordan in May 2021, a former Louisiana National Guard officer was permitted to retire.

1. Capt. Billy Joe Crosby Jr. Was The Officer-In-Charge Of The Jordan Outpost

Court records reveal that he was present with the 256th Infantry Brigade Combat Team when the incident occurred, and was initially charged with abusive sexual conduct and conduct unbecoming an officer.


2. Crosby's Behavior Was Incredibly Inappropriate

"[Crosby's] behavior is not in line with the Army values," said Maj. Jessica Rovero, a spokesman for the command overseeing the trial, in a statement to Army Times. She further stated that "multiple soldiers immediately reported the behavior and Crosby pled guilty at trial."

3. He Was Able To Strike A Deal

It was revealed that Crosby entered a guilty plea as part of a deal to have the abusive sexual contact charge dropped. However, he pleaded guilty to assault consummated by battery, a non-sexual charge, and conduct unbecoming instead.


4. Crosby Was Confined For 30 Days

As a result of his plea deal, Crosby was not dismissed from the Army which would have prevented him from receiving his retirement benefits. Instead, he retired on March 31 and returned home.