MILFs V Cougars: Know The Difference

Milfs V Cougars: Know The Difference

The dating world has changed big time. You might have heard the words "MILF" and "cougar" being used regularly.

But you might be surprised to learn that many people use these words incorrectly. We'll have a closer look at what they mean so you are in the know.

MILF Is An Acronym For A Pretty Vulgar Phrase: MILF Means "Mother I'd Like To F***"

And the words mean just as they sound, and that's the reason some women will not be happy to be referred to as MILFs. The term was probably meant as a compliment for sexually appealing moms, but we also get why a good deal of women might not view it as a compliment.


Though you should.

Being Called A MILF Means You Are In Great Physical Shape Despite Having A Kid

These women are usually married, and they seem attractive to young men, often without their knowledge. These women are in their late twenties and their thirties.


But in case you hear yourself being described as a MILF, don't think much of it and just know that some people consider you a drop-dead beauty.

Now let's move on to cougars. First, understand that there is a world of difference between MILFs and cougars.

Cougars Are Also Attractive Women, But Usually A Little Older Than Milfs

They are usually in their forties.


Also, unlike MILFs, they enjoy and even court the attention young men give them over their looks.

These women are also available for dating, and they enjoy having fun. That should explain why there are so many cougar websites today.

There Are Some Similarities Between Cougars And Milfs Though

First of all, these women are beautiful and irresistible. They are also pretty confident of themselves.


As far as their interest in younger men goes, cougars have something to offer young men. They have experience and wisdom that can make dating them particularly rewarding both physically and emotionally.

Unlike younger women, cougars are a lot more experienced, and they usually save their young dates from the drama they have had to go through when dating women their age.

Unfortunately, cougars don't have the best reputation. But as partners, they can be very loving and caring. They are also bold and adventurous, which is why they usually go against society's expectations and date younger men.


So, there is no reason to shy away from dating an older woman if that's something you would like to try. Being in such a relationship can be pretty rewarding for you, even if you are not serious about starting something long-term.