Mike Tyson Smokes Foot-Long Joint At Marijuana Festival

Mike Tyson Smokes Foot-long Joint At Marijuana Festival

Boxing legend Mike Tyson is the owner of a huge 40-acre ranch in California after breaking into the business in 2018. That's why seeing him with a foot-long joint comes with no surprise.

The former world heavyweight champion attended a marijuana festival where he had one goal in mind: to go from badest to the highest person on the planet.

But Tyson isn't your average pothead. He actually researches and believes in medical properties of the plant.

Setting Up A Marijuana Ranch In California's Death Valley

After the state of California legalised weed, Tyson started a lucrative business on his huge ranch.

The sportsman also has a school, The Tyson Cultivation School, for perspective marijuana growers.

Mike Tyson not only believes in the healing properties of the plant, but he also sponsors researches on the benefits of marijuana, specifically CBD.

Tyson's field of interest is not in getting high just for the sake of it. He's focused on non-psychoactive properties that can be used for inflammatory illnesses.

His ranch also has its own amphitheatre, complete with luxury camping area and cabins.

The 53-year-old Tyson allegedly earns over 650,000 USD per month through his business that offers premium marijuana strains, edibles, and extracts.

Tyson's Hanging Out With Cyber's Hill's B-Real

While on the weed festival, Tyson was hanging out with Cypress Hill's B-Real.

B-Real was a guest on Hotboxin', Tyson's podcast where they talked about overcoming adversity, the future of sports medicine, and Cypress Hill's latest album Elephants On Acid.

Mike Tyson is no stranger to drugs. In fact, he had issues with hard drugs and alcohol in the past, which go back to his childhood.

He later told the world that he was given alcohol when he was a baby. He first used cocaine when he was only 11. The GOAT even went to say he was a full-blown "coke head."

His alcoholism brought him close to death in 2013. He went to rehab, and it was a success. All these revelations do explain his moody behaviors and troubles in his personal life.

The youngest boxer to win the WBC, WBA, and IBF heavyweight titles said he regrets his drug use that led to "Herculean" mood swings and admitted to being high during a number of high-profile fights.

Luckily, Tyson seems to be on the path to recovery. No alcohol, no class A drugs, just good old weed, and hanging out with friends.

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