"Micro Cheating" Can Destroy Your Relationship

"Micro Cheating" Can Destroy Your Relationship

Micro-­cheating is the term for little things you do that could have hints of infidelity, without even being physically unfaithful. They can take you into territories you might regret. You may be doing it when your partner isn't around or even in front of them and with or without their knowledge. However, given that such a habit can build up to something more, it can spell trouble. Here, how to spot such borderline straying and turn it into an effective method for strengthening, rather than chipping away at your bond.


Some signs you're paddling in the danger zone include: Dressing differently when you know you're going to be seeing a particular person, or withholding information from your partner about whom you're hanging with during after-work drinks, or lying by omission. It could also be the fact that you're always liking and commenting on one guy's Instagram pics or that you make your relationship seem less severe than it is to keep communicating with a hot newcomer. It's just innocent fun, you say. Every relationship has its threshold or "line" as to what establishes cheating. However, micro-cheating shows that you're thinking about the offerings of someone who isn't your partner, and that can be a red flag for your romance.


1. Contacting An Ex On Social Media

2. Repeatedly Visiting A Profile

3. Lying About Your Relationship Status On Social Media

4. Keeping An Active Dating Profile

5. Contacting An Ex And Concealing It

6. Having A Deep Emotional Contact With Someone Else

7. Listing Someone By A Fake Name In Your Contacts

8. Sexting Someone Else

9. Sending Nude Photos

Micro - Cheating can cover such a wide range of behaviors, so it's difficult to differentiate when it's actually considered to be cheating. The most important thing is that you understand the boundaries of your relationship because at the end of the day it's what you and your partner define as crossing the line that really counts.


Now, what if you're wondering whether your partner is engaging in a little micro-cheating of his own? It could be hard to pick up the red flags when there are no apparent clues. However, if you have a gut feeling he might be, then it's time for an honest talk about how it makes you feel. If he blows you off and doesn't take your apprehensions seriously, that is a cause for concern and may lead you to rethink your relationship entirely.


Straightforward talks about the issue of micro-cheating can ­actually help repair a questionable relationship. Sometimes, these acts are not so much about an attraction to another person but instead an appeal to a new you. They can help you experience yourself as more desirable, and the same can be true for your partner. Expressing your sincere, romantic feelings for one another directly and genuinely will ensure you continue to have genuinely loving eyes only for each other. If you are hurt continuously or jealous of micro-cheating, you should also reflect on your feelings whether it is worth it to stay in the relationship or move on.