Michal J. Fox And Christopher Lloyd Reunite 35 Years After Back To The Future

Michal J. Fox And Christopher Lloyd Reunite 35 Years After Back To The Future

It is difficult to believe that the iconic movie 'Back to the Future' is 35 years old. This movie has delighted movie lovers for decades and has built up a huge global fan base.

Recently, movie theatres have been showing older films in the absence of new releases. This is following the global pandemic and subsequent lockdown.

One movie that has been shown at theaters and proven hugely popular is 'Back to the Future.'

More than three decades after the first movie was released, its stars, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd reunited. This was at a charity poker night at the home of Michael J Fox.

They even posted a selfie, which is sure to have stirred up nostalgic feelings among fans.

Reuniting for a Great Cause

Of course, the chances are that these two stars of the big screen have kept in touch over the years. However, seeing a photo of them both together was like taking a step back in time for the fans.

Naturally, Fox looks much older than he was in those boyish days of the mid-1980s, and Lloyd looks – well, he still looks like the Doc!

The two of them got together for a selfie at the charity event. This was to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

As we know, Fox himself has Parkinson's Disease. He is doing all he can to help the cause with events such as this one.

Fans Loving the Selfie

Since those days of the 'Back to the Future' movies, we have rarely seen Fox and Lloyd's snaps together.

The chances are they probably do see one another and perhaps even meet up as friends. However, fans never usually get to hear about it.

This time, however, the selfie said it all. Delighted fans simply could not get enough of seeing their heroes together again.

The pair starred in all three of the 'Back to the Future' movies. This made them iconic stars of the big screen in the 1980s.

Reruns Enjoying Success

Many people who love these movies on DVD were not around to see them on the big screen in their heyday.

Some movie theatres have been doing reruns of older movies. So, many have been able to go back in time and watch these movie gems at theatres.

For those who were unable to do this 35 years ago, this presented a great opportunity. For those who already saw them the first time around, this was a great chance to relive their youth and enjoy their favorite films on the big screen once again.