Michael K. Williams' Final Instagram Post Before His Death Is Heartbreaking

Michael K. Williams’ Final Instagram Post Before His Death Is Heartbreaking

Michael K. Williams passed away on September 6. Devasted fans of Omar Little from The Wire are grieving the loss of the 54-year-old star.

Only six days before he was found lifeless in his Brooklyn home, the actor's Instagram post, which turned out to be the last, is now haunting family and friends.

The Rise Of Michael K. Williams

A scar on his face became Michael K. Williams' trademark. He got it from a bar fight when he was in his 20s.

The Brooklyn-born actor revealed many years later that he was molested as a child, which led to developing drug problems.

As an aspiring actor, Williams started appearing in music videos until he landed the role in Martin Scorsese's 1999 drama Bringing Out The Dead.

Ironically, he played a drug dealer.

His road to success wasn't overnight. After The Sopranos, he starred in The Road, Inherent Vice, and the Oscar-winning 12 Years A Slave. But, his most significant role was in The Wire.

Even Barack Obama is a fan of Omar, portrayed by the late Williams.

In 2012, the former POTUS stated, "that guy is unbelievable" while talking about Omar.

A few days ago, we learned that Michael K. Williams died, and for now, police reports state it was likely an overdose.

Celebrities And Fans Are Saying Their Goodbyes

James Gunn described Williams as one of the "most gentle souls I've ever met." He tweeted:

"Michael K Williams, in addition to being one of the most talented actors around, was also one of the kindest, sweetest, most gentle souls I've ever met. This is heartbreaking. My thoughts are with all those who loved him."

Wendell Pierce, who played Detective Bunk Moreland in The Wire, also expressed his sorrow on Twitter.

Another fellow actor Isiah Whitlock Jr joined the condolences:

The Wire's creator posted a photo of the late star and then followed it with words of kindness and despair.

Spike Lee shared the photo on Instagram:

Actress Aisha Tyler called late Williams a king:

Chance The Rapper also paid his respects, saying:

"A lot of people knew him as Omar, I knew him as Chalky. I'm sure his family knew him as Michael. Thanks for all you gave to encourage, enlighten and entertain people you didn't even know. Praying for your people."

Williams' Future Was Bright

Williams was announced to play Doc Broadus, George Foreman's trainer, in a new biopic just days before his passing.

But on Monday morning, around 2 am, a family member found the actor in his Brooklyn apartment.

On the last day of August, Williams posted, "I love u brother! @tracymorgan #realOG"... The actor shared Tracy Morgan's 2018 appearance on The Breakfast Club podcast...

The clip shows Tracy Morgan passionately asking friends and fans, "Don't cry for me" while talking about surviving a near-fatal limousine wreck in 2014.

Morgan said:

"Don't cry for me. OK, I had a misfortunate accident. Don't cry for me. Cry for all the others, man."

"My grandmother told me when you think you are doing bad, there's always somebody out there worse. There are people out there in the world with nobody to love and nobody to love them. How about that?"

"You know what true happiness is? Having something to look forward to."

The clip seems like a message from Williams, though it simply might be a strange coincidence.

For now, the death is treated as an overdose. The actor's PR, Marianna Shafran, of Shafran PR, told the press:

"It is with deep sorrow that the family announces the passing of Emmy nominated actor Michael Kenneth Williams. They ask for your privacy while grieving this unsurmountable loss."

Our thoughts are with Williams' family, friends, and he will never be forgotten thanks to his immense talent.