Mia Khalifa Accuses Men Of Being "Cheap And Easy" In Viral TikTok Rant

Mia Khalifa Accuses Men Of Being "Cheap And Easy" In Viral TikTok Rant

Mia Khalifa calls out men for being "cheap" and "easy" in a viral TikTok video.

The ex-porn star recently took to TikTok to respond to a video by content creator Alexandria Morgan, who said that "getting a man should not be a goal in life."

In her response to the original video, the Lebanese American social media personality said:

"Men are the easiest thing in the entire world. If you are wondering how you and another woman got the same man, it is because men are the easiest thing in the entire world."

"I have never wanted a man and not gotten him. Do you have any idea how many men have wanted me and not gotten me?"

"Granted, some dusty's have caught me slipping, but there has never been a single man that I have wanted that I have not gotten because men are cheap."


#stitch with @alexandriamorgz a lay up. every time. they cave at the time of day, men are WEAK

♬ original sound - Mia K.

Since sharing the video, it has garnered more than 9.3 million views, and hundreds have flocked to share their thoughts.

While some of Mia's fans agreed with her, many pointed out that her attractiveness is the reason she has never been turned down.

One user commented:

"That's because you're STUNNING."

Another added:

"No bc you're right. Made me sit and think about it too."

Disgruntled males in the comments, on the other hand, shut down Mia's outburst, arguing that they are not as simple as she believes.

One user said:

"Imagine how much hate a guy would get talking about a woman like this?"

Another added:

"She talkin' about easyyyy???"

While another responded:

"Those men were paid."

The viral video comes a few weeks after Violet Myers, a porn star who has been compared to Mia, slammed the former adult entertainer for her public criticism of the profession.

Myers is the fastest-rising celebrity in the adult industry, with an ever-growing following on YouTube. She's famous for adult cosplays and Japanese animation.

Speaking on Holly Randall's Unfiltered podcast about Mia Khalifa, Myers said:

"I just don't like the way she disrespected the industry. She made it seem like they forced her when we were all young, and we all have our mistakes."

"But I wouldn't go about saying you were forced. Even when I'm done, I have nothing but good things to say about the industry."

Mia stopped making adult films in 2015. Although she is considered one of the most famous adult entertainers of the past decade, her experiences left her disillusioned with the industry.

Considering Mia's fame, most people might assume she had been making adult films for a long time. But in reality, most of her content was created for three months.