mexican woman killed while filming fake tiktok abduction

TikTok trends can be silly, ridiculous and sometimes downright stupid. But it’s not often that they turn out to be fatal.

Sadly, a recent attempt at creating content that could go viral and earn thousands of views went horribly wrong.

A young Mexican woman was killed while she was filming a fake abduction for TikTok.

Areline Martinez had previously shared videos that show fake kidnapping scenes.

These videos showed her blindfolded and with her hands and feet tied up. Around her were men who were brandishing firearms.

TikTok has since deleted the disturbing footage.

Horrifying Accident

mexican woman killed while filming fake tiktok abduction
mexican woman killed while filming fake tiktok abduction

It is reported that about ten people were with the 21-year-old during the making of the video.

While filming the video in Chihuahua, Mexico, the group of people with Areline used a real gun. It is not known why the young woman and her assumed friends chose to use a real gun instead of a prop.

The 45-caliber handgun went off during Areline’s mock fight against the kidnappers and she was shot in the head.

She passed away instantly. Instead of informing the authorities, the people who were present decided to make a run for it.

Law enforcement officials have stated that they know of two men who fled in a Jeep Cherokee. Their escape happened directly after the shooting on 2 October.

The men have since been identified but are yet to be found.

Her Memory Lives On

mexican woman killed while filming fake tiktok abduction
mexican woman killed while filming fake tiktok abduction

Arilene tragically leaves behind a one-year-old child and heartbroken family. Her relatives and friends have set up a Facebook page dedicated to her.

The page has a message of comfort for those who knew and loved her.

We hope people who love Areline will find comfort in visiting her profile to remember and celebrate her life.

On her Instagram page, a similar, shorter message will read eternally:

Never sad, always crazy.

Arilene was buried on Monday, 12 October.

The Hunt Is On

According to Chihuahua State Attorney General César Augusto Peniche Espejel, an investigation into the case is ongoing.

He stated: 

If anyone has a criminal responsibility, he will have to answer. There are several facts to investigate: the unfortunate death of the young woman and the origin of that weapon and how it came to her hands.