'Mexican Kardashian', 29, Dies After 'Botched Butt-Lift Op'

‘mexican Kardashian’, 29, Dies After ‘botched Butt-lift Op’

Joselyn Cano, a Mexican model, and influencer passed away in Colombia after a butt-lift surgery went wrong.

Cano was 29, and her 13 million followers on Instagram called her 'Mexican Kim Kardashian.' The brunette beauty, an OnlyFans favorite, had numerous enchantments, but butt-lift is generally exceptionally dangerous. She died due to post-surgery complications.

Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, only a few people attended her funeral in California. The fans did get to pay their final respects, as the service was streamed on YouTube, while the message played across the screen saying:

"Joselyn entered this life on Wednesday, March 14, 1990. She entered into eternal life on Monday, December 07, 2020. On behalf of the family, we thank you for joining us. Please keep the family in your prayers. God bless you and your family."

Saying goodbye to 'Mexican Kim Kardashian'

Fellow influencers and fans left wonderful comments to celebrate Joselyn's short life.

One fan was in disbelief:

"What the f**k? Joselyn Cano died from getting a Brazilian butt lift? That s**t crazy."

Another stated:

"I just learned Joselyn Cano died from a butt-lift in Columbia."

"I loved talking to this woman. She was absolutely stunning."

A third commented:

"Rest in peace, beautiful! A queen of social media."

"Blessings to heaven for you, Joselyn Cano."

An influencer Lira Mercer shared on social media:

"OMG, Joselyn Cano died in Colombia getting surgery. That's wild."

Apparently, she was the first one to confirm the sad news.

Joselyn's family still hasn't released a statement.

Butt-lift death rates are 3000 times higher than any other cosmetic procedure. Though they are still popular, potentially fatal blood clots are raising concerns in medical circles, so it's safe to assume that there will be a decline in demand for Brazilian butt-lifts.

May this young lady rest in peace, as our thoughts and prayers are with her family.