Mental Murder' Narcissists Pretend You're Dead So You Can't Destroy Their Fake World

Mental Murder' Narcissists Pretend You’re Dead So You Can't Destroy Their Fake World

Narcissism: An illusion or reality?

Narcissism is a heroic achievement of positive opinion for oneself. It is a state of mind that makes you have an extremely high view of your own look, achievements, and ideas. You could also look at it as viewing yourself as the 'perfect person,' causing a natural disaster for everyone around.


However, narcissism is a self-destroying condition that is often represented as a reality, but in real life, narcissism is just an illusion. The perfect person doesn't exist and never will. Perfection is what we see in magazines, but that is just an illusion of the cruel reality that we live in.

Narcissism as a social destruction -

People who suffer from narcissism are often very social because their goal is for the world to revolve around them and not any other way. They need a sense of approval, an unreasonable expectation for special treatment, and automatic agreement from the people around them. Once they get that, they feel like they own you, and they can transform you into the person they need, but only AT THE MOMENT.


Once you don't follow their needs and disagree with their opinions, you are out of the game. People are not often aware when they are in contact with a narcissist. They wear a mask for the world, and while they are alone with themselves, they reveal the person they really are. In most cases, they become attached to the mask they apply for the world, and they lose the real personality they have.


The "love" feeling -

We can't tell if a narcissist can define and feel love for other people rather than themselves. It is a strange thing even to realize how someone can love themselves so much that they are selfish and cold-hearted about everyone else around them. Empathy and understanding of someone else's feelings are unknown in a narcissist's heart and soul. They pay attention to the things that are only attached to themselves. Anything else besides that is useless. Having a relationship with these types of people can be very exhausting and self-destroying.


They will put you in a situation to doubt your look, your current job, your goals in life, and even about your friends. Often, people in relationships are very much in love, and they don't realize that they are losing themselves in the process of satisfying the needs of their narcissist partner. The best solution in this situation is to break up once for all, for your own good.

Secluded mental murder -

Being a friend or a partner to a narcissist is a dead end. They can dump you in a second, without any doubt. Once you don't meet their preferences and needs, they will make you a chess mat move and remove you from their game. Narcissists seek attention 24/7. They want to hang out with people who are high class.


Stylish people, with good jobs, education and good looking. If you made a perfect first impression to them, that's great for you, maybe, but once they realize that you simply don't fill their requirements enough to even breathe around them, they will mentally remove you from their life. Your removal will be so secluded, and as soon you realize that you will be ignored and you will not exist in their life anymore.